Supermicro 2U PSU for ATX MB?

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Sep 27, 2016
I am conceptualizing right now a new 2U for my rack rendering workstation. Doing this is part for fun and part for it's intended use and part to keep noise down.

I want to buy my own chassis and E-ATX motherboard, RTX GPU but the problem is the power supply. I'm thinking my power needs are going to be around 850 watts when fully working so want to have at least 1,000. No standard ATX power supply will fit next to the MB and haven't found a case big enough to locate it elsewhere other than repurposing like a Dell Precision rack case or something. I found this SuperMicro power supply that seems like it would work:

Supermicro 2200W 2U Redundant Power Supply (PWS-2K21A-2R)

People say their power supplies are ATX compatible. I assume I need some kind of Power Distribution add on for this? They have a list

Distributor | Supermicro eStore

But not sure which one would work with this power supply and looks like I would have to convert the connectors and they are all the old 4 pin type from what I can see.