1. R

    Quanta LB4M Management IP

    I started configuring my LB4M this afternoon. After flashing an earlier firmware to get the Web UI, I've run into a bit of a road block. It appears that the management IP needs to be on the same subnet as the network IP of the router. My current setup is: pfSense -> LB4m -> clients on...
  2. C

    Quanta LB4M - Configuration incl. VLANs

    Good morning, I recently got a Quanta LB4M 48Port GiB switch and would like to set up this (including VLAN etc.). Unfortunately, the Switch is not quite right and annoys me ... Follow the previous config of the switch: Flashing the firmware lb4m. (L3 routing firmware) Set up...
  3. X

    Network design help.

    Hi all, I have been browsing for a while and posting an answer here and there, but I am to the point in my new lab/network build out that I need a bit of help. I have a 2gbps fiber loop being installed at the end of January and I decided to start getting everything ready for it. Until this...
  4. cheezehead

    Quanta LB4M 48xGbE, 2x SFP+ <$100 The price has dropped a bit more, currently at $79.99 + $16.18 shipping.