Need advice for: USB C M.2 SATA enclosure


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Jan 25, 2021
Hello all, I hope I am asking in the correct forum. I have a couple of M.2 SATA B+M key drives and looking to get a usb enclosure for them. I have been doing some research on this already, and there seems to be 3 main companies that supply chips for these enclosures: Jmicron, Asmedia, and Realtek. From my searching, it seems like the general consensus is that, while they are the most common, to avoid enclosures with the Jmicron chips because they get very hot. Asmedia seems to be pretty rare, and Realtek seems to be the "best" in terms of not getting hot at all (but I have found it is very rare to find an enclosure with the RTL9210 chip for SATA - seems mostly made for NVMe drives/enclosures)... However, a lot of my research tends to only talk/suggest/recommend when it comes to NVMe SSDs, and I've read a comment or two where the JMS580 is the one I should be looking for for SATA drives, which seems to contradict everything else I've been reading (avoiding Jmicron b/c they get very hot etc).
So essentially I am thoroughly confused, and wonder maybe some of you might have some suggestions


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Jul 11, 2017
i have a 3 day search spree behind me for a cheap pcie usb adapter to convert some left over 16GB optane sticks into USB Sticks.
And what i have found is that you can get sata adapters or enclosures for below 10$, prices then can go up to 20$ depending on the niceness of the enclosure.

Pcie based things sadly only start at 15$ for the most barebone piece of shit and quickly surpass 20$

The amount of bad descriptions and lies was boggeling, so even if they write what controller is on there, i fear there is a certain risk in not getting what was advertised in that regard.

So, i'd just grab what is most convenient.