Mellanox SX6018 L3 Routing

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Bjorn Smith

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Sep 3, 2019

I have this nice switch that I am really happy with, but I want to start using VLANS.

I have created 3 VLANS and want to be able to route traffic between the VLANS.

Reading up on it, it seem like you have to do the following:

interface ethernet 1/1/2
no switchport force
Which sets the port into router mode and then you can give it an IP Address and enable a static route.

My problem is that when I do this, I get the following error:
% Router port configuration is not supported on this device
no cli default prefix-modes enable

## Port configuration
   port 1/1 type ethernet force
   port 1/2 type ethernet force
   port 1/3 type ethernet force
   port 1/4 type ethernet force
   port 1/5 type ethernet force
   port 1/6 type ethernet force
   port 1/7 type ethernet force
   port 1/8 type ethernet force
   port 1/9 type ethernet force
   port 1/10 type ethernet force
   port 1/11 type ethernet force
   port 1/12 type ethernet force
   port 1/13 type ethernet force
   port 1/14 type ethernet force
   port 1/15 type ethernet force
   port 1/16 type ethernet force
   port 1/17 type ethernet force
   port 1/18 type ethernet force
## Interface Ethernet configuration
   interface ethernet 1/1 module-type qsfp-split-4 force
   interface ethernet 1/2 mtu 9000 force
   interface ethernet 1/5 mtu 9000 force
   interface ethernet 1/6 mtu 9000 force
   interface ethernet 1/10 mtu 9000 force
   interface ethernet 1/15 mtu 9000 force
   interface ethernet 1/17 mtu 9000 force
   interface ethernet 1/18 mtu 9000 force
   interface ethernet 1/1/1 description Uplink default VLAN
   interface ethernet 1/1/2 description Uplink VLAN 10
   interface ethernet 1/1/3 description Uplink VLAN 100
   interface ethernet 1/1/4 description Uplink VLAN 200
   interface ethernet 1/16 description VMS1 DMZ
## VLAN configuration
   vlan 10
   vlan 100
   vlan 200
   interface ethernet 1/1/3 switchport access vlan 100
   interface ethernet 1/1/4 switchport access vlan 200
   interface ethernet 1/16 switchport access vlan 10
   vlan 10 name "DMZ"
   vlan 100 name "MGT"
   vlan 200 name "PROT"
## L3 configuration
   ip l3
## Network interface configuration
   interface mgmt0 ip address /0
## Network interface IPv6 configuration
no interface mgmt0 ipv6 address autoconfig default
no interface mgmt0 ipv6 enable

I have tried googling the error message and I get 0 results.

The manual for the version I am running of MLNX-OS 3.6.1002 states:
Configuring a Router Port
switch (config)# interface ethernet 1/10
switch (config interface ethernet 1/10)#
switch (config interface ethernet 1/10)# no switchport force
switch (config interface ethernet 1/10)# ip address /24
But no cigar?

Do I need to reconfigure my switch some way?
SX6018 [standalone: master] (config) # show system capabilities
IB: Supported, L2, Adaptive Routing
Ethernet: Supported, L2, L3
GW: Supported
Max SM nodes: 2048
IB Max licensed speed: FDR
Ethernet Max licensed speed: 56Gb
Help me obi wan kenobi - you are my only hope.

EDIT: It turns out my SX6018 does not suport Router-Ports as they are called
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Bjorn Smith

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Sep 3, 2019
I have a Brocade ICX6450 connected to the mellanox, I guess it should be ok and possible to do the VLAN routing on this switch instead?

I have 4 ports connected between the two switches.

One with the "default" VLAN
One with VLAN 10
One with VLAN 100
One with VLAN 200

Do I need to move all my LAN "routing" to be terminated on the Brocade swith?

Right now my default route is my pfsense firewall, which has physical interfaces for LAN/WAN/"VLAN 10"



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Dec 27, 2017
For each VLAN or PKey you can create an L3 interface - this is called “Proxy ARP interface”, but its really an IRB for VLAN and a proxy ARP for IB. You can also set up routing between 3 VLANs and point a default route to your CPE too. In Web interface it’s all done in Gateway tab, cant remember the CLI config, but I did post an example here somewhere.