1. G

    New NAS build - is M1015 still king?

    Is the M1015 still the best bang for buck for NAS builds? In 2014 I purchased and still use an M1015, now that I am building a second NAS while keeping the original still online I am wondering if I should buy yet another M1015 or if there may be something better/newer? My use case: Linux...
  2. A

    M1015 (SAS9220-i8) - WebBIOS freezes, no disks recognized in ESXi.

    Hello! I just got my first server, an R710. I'm trying to set it up to pass my harddrives directly to any VM's I'll run. I first installed ESXi 6.7.0, but it wouldn't see any of my disks so I decided to check the Configuration Utility (WebBIOS). However, when I get to the "Select an adaptor"...
  3. D

    M1015, Still required?

    Good morning and Happy New Year. This is my first post, so thanks for having me. I am also brand spankin new at FreeNas, so I appreciate any patience you can afford. I did a quick search but haven't seen any posted since earlier than July 2017. I am running VMware ESXi or whatever hypervisor...
  4. fossxplorer

    IBM M1115 HBA not detecting disks

    Hi, i have one IBM SERVERAID M1115 SAS (using tape to cover B5/B6) controller that's not detecting any disks after connecting it to my backplace, an SM 826A. I'm now using direct SFF8087-SFF8087 cable i bought from ebay/China. I was able to get into it's BIOS, but no disks are listed there...
  5. F

    NZ - 2 x IBM M1015s and SAS SFF-8087 to Sata fan out

    I have two IBM M1015's available $45USD each. Can supply SFF-8087 to 4xSata fan out cables additional $5 USD each. Purchaser also pays for shipping - the cost of which will be dependent on what shipping option they choose.
  6. M

    Why does my m1015 say it's a 2108v?

    Why does my m1015 say it's a 2108v in megarec? I'm also having trouble setting it back to factory. megarec works fine, but sas2flsh doesn't see it and neither does EFI shell tools. Thoughts? I realize this has been covered extensively, but nothing is working... If one happened to have a LSI...
  7. Z

    Tutorial: Updating IBM M1015/LSI 9211-8i Firmware on UEFI Systems

    Purpose: A proper MODERN tutorial on updating the firmware on the IBM M1015 on a UEFI system, in my case my IBM M1015's were already crossflashed to LSI 8211-8i long ago with the older P16 firmware which I wanted to update to the latest firmware. It is the same process either way. This tutorial...
  8. M

    IBM M1015 with ASUS motherboard

    Hello, I just want to confirm my suspicions: I received an IBM M1015 with the intent to flash it to IT mode and use it with an ASUS P8Z77-v Deluxe. However, I believe it to be DOA because it cannot be found with "megarec -adplist" command and it shows that no controllers can be found. I have...