Intel Xeon D-2100 aka Skylake-D Mining

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Dec 21, 2010
Doing a few quick tests since I have insomnia in London. 4AM and still awake. Mining using Monero / Cryptonight versus Aeon (AV1) for cryptonight-lite with the new Intel Xeon D-2123IT and Xeon D-2183IT for 4 and 16 core Skylake-D chips. Using the servethehome/universal_cryptonight

Intel Xeon D-2123IT
Cryptonight - Max H/s at 5 threads, 222H/s
Aeon AV1 - Max H/s at 4 threads, 799H/s

Note here, on the Aeon results one gets a similar result with 6 threads as with 4.

Intel Xeon D-2183IT
Cryptonight - Max H/s at 16 threads, 769H/s
Aeon AV1 - Max H/s at 16 threads, 3347H/s

Based on these two data points we have a cryptonight-lite to cryptonight H/s ratio of 4.3:1 to 3.6:1

Another note, the newer servethehome/universal_cryptonight:latest is running the Xeon D-2123IT at 804H/s so ever so slightly faster than the old private pool image.

On the 16C version, the delta was 3307 for the old av1 versus 3347 for the universal image.
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