1. S

    Upgrade lenovo Thinkcentre Tiny CPU??

    I have a project I'm working on and basically I'm trying to get the most bang for my buck and squeeze the most power out of one of these thinkcentre M715q's or similar. It seems you can pick a decent one up for around $200 on ebay (with ~16gb ram and 512Gb HD!). I'm looking at the Ryzen 5...
  2. H

    Monero XMR CPU hashrates 2021

    Hi, I'm looking for a decent setup for my 1st upcoming Monero mining rig (Dual Epyc etc), but the results I've gathered are based on Google results from 2018-2020 and they vary - a lot! My budget is around 1000-1400€. Patrick's last thread about Monero is from year 2018 and much have changed...
  3. Patrick

    8x NVIDIA Tesla V100 32GB PCIe Monero Mining Speed

    Since we already did the NVIDIA Tesla P100 16GB SXM2 Monero mining speed, I figured I would burn-in the 8x Tesla V100 system for 15 minutes with this before benchmarking. Using the same Docker container for both. Here are the results. [2019-01-06 02:11:22] accepted (153/0) diff 100001 (65 ms) |...
  4. U

    Intel Xeon D or Atom C3000 for monero+bitcoin fullnode?

    Hello all, I would like to build a home server, that will function as NAS + will run Bitcoin, Monero and possibly other cyrptocurrencies in Virtual Machines. I want to run full nodes - these are NOT minig, but they still verify the blockchaian and transactions signatures etc. I am considering 2...
  5. Patrick

    STH xmrig-proxy for Docker

    Starting a thread. Made a few edits today based on feedback from the beta testers on the new proxy. Once the new version is tested this will be the thread. Why the proxy: Ability to quickly and easily switch wallets/ coins/ pools Minimizes external connections for easier NAT/ firewall...
  6. Patrick

    ccminer Universal NVIDIA Docker Miner

    Here is the docker image for ccminer. The docker image is built with CUDA 9.0 from the official nvidia/cuda image so you need to have CUDA 9 compatible drivers installed on the host system. You do NOT need to have CUDA installed on the host system. This is also meant for nvidia-docker2 so we...
  7. Patrick

    Intel Xeon D-2100 aka Skylake-D Mining

    Doing a few quick tests since I have insomnia in London. 4AM and still awake. Mining using Monero / Cryptonight versus Aeon (AV1) for cryptonight-lite with the new Intel Xeon D-2123IT and Xeon D-2183IT for 4 and 16 core Skylake-D chips. Using the servethehome/universal_cryptonight Intel Xeon...
  8. M

    Recommendations on Building a Monero Miner

    Hello, I would like to build a Monero mining computer with a great hash rate between $5-$15K as the budget or effectively produce a hash rate of above 3500 h/s I've been looking into using a build with a EPYC cpu. Likewise, I have also been considering buying 10-20 GPU's and combining them...
  9. S

    CPU mining requesting guidance

    Hello, Fairly new to the mining aspect of cryptocurrency so please bear with me. I currently have excess servers (3) in my data center which i'm looking to utilize for Monero/Aeon mining but i'm not sure where to start. I currently have ESXi 5.5 installed on each server with multiple...
  10. X

    Picking up mining again

    Hi all, I just registered on STH because I want to pck up mining again. In the past I have done some LTC and BTC mining with GPU's but that has been some years now, and all stuff has been reused or sold. Now I have 3 nodes running with a load of spare CPU cycles and was wondering what I can...
  11. Patrick

    STH xmrig Monero Mining Docker Image

    I think many here will have seen that for the past few weeks I have been testing xmrig instead of Wolf's miner. You can check that thread for xmrig speeds and Monero Mining Performance for some Wolf's comparison data. Suffice to say that we are seeing some massive improvements with tying xmrig...
  12. Patrick

    How-to Guide How to start mining Monero in Docker

    Since I am ultra tired today after a long workout, I decided to make a small resource for mining monero using Docker since I have a lot of requests for this. It is a lot of text, but should take, at most 4-5 minutes to setup. Step 1: Get a Monero wallet. My suggestion: use an online wallet...
  13. Patrick

    AMD EPYC 7301 Monero XMR Mining Speed

    Anyone want to guess? Have not run yet but will do so this weekend.
  14. D

    Mining: AMD Opteron or Intel Xeon

    Hi Guys For Monero Mining Purpose: I am interested in buying a server with 4x "AMD Opteron 6136 8-Core 2.40GHz" . As I looked up this cpu doesn't support AES On which features of cpu should I focus? no of cores clockspeed aes support
  15. Patrick

    Breakthrough in XMR on STH!

    Today we had a big occurrence on the STH forums. Two video cards were purchased and paid for using XMR. Here is the post commemorating the event for posterity Q2 2017 STH Lab Cleaning I did know the other party and it is a very well-known member of the STH forums which is good since there is...
  16. E

    Mining with Opteron Servers

    Hi all, i've posted this initially on bitcointalk and got redirected here so i guess you guys are the experts for monero... I have received 2 of these machines, CPU: 2x AMD Opteron 6174 12-Core 2.2 GHz (2x 6 MB Cache, 6.4 GT/s, AMD-V) RAM: 16 GB RAM HDD: 2x 146 GB SAS Hot Swap 2.5"...
  17. J

    Deploying a Service Using Portainer

    Hi All. Having dipped my toe into the world of docker with Patrick's Monero miner, I am now keen to try and deploy it across a swarm using Portainer. The problem is, I am having trouble figuring out exactly how to create the necessary service. It should just be a matter of taking the command...
  18. Patrick

    FreeNAS Corral + Monero Mining - Just happened

    I think I am going to have to make another image for this. FreeNAS Corral will not support Docker tags until an upcoming release. But - Dockerized mining works! I am going to make a new image but now you can use spare CPU cycles and earn a few dollars along the way.
  19. Patrick

    Monero Pricing and What to do with XMR Thread

    Since this discussion was interleaved in the Monero Mining Performance thread I am pulling it out. Discussion topics for this thread: Wow/ oh no! - Did you see XMR Pricing Ways people have found to use XMR to either get cash or goods. Legal goods only. Example #1: We have Monero as a payment...
  20. Patrick

    All AMD (Ryzen and RX) Monero Mining Rig

    Since I know we have a lot of Monero mining folks, I wanted to highlight a little build with a unique feature, it is based solely on using AMD CPU and GPUs for mining. Configuration CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 with stock cooler Motherboard: ASUS Prime B350-Plus GPUs: AMD RX 480 (Gigabyte) and AMD...