1. M

    Nvidia CMP 100HX (CMP100-210) Tensor cores working?

    On the Nvidia CMP 100HX or the other name CMP100-210 12Gb are the tensor cores disabled or not? I want to use it as an accelerator for LLM (mistral 7b medium uncensored), and it is much more usable if those cores are not fused out. It is only 12Gb but with hbm2. Have anyone any info about theese...
  2. S

    Upgrade lenovo Thinkcentre Tiny CPU??

    I have a project I'm working on and basically I'm trying to get the most bang for my buck and squeeze the most power out of one of these thinkcentre M715q's or similar. It seems you can pick a decent one up for around $200 on ebay (with ~16gb ram and 512Gb HD!). I'm looking at the Ryzen 5...
  3. tinfoil3d

    storage gold rush?

    Someone bought my slightly used 2TB DC P4510 drives for 450 USD recently. This was above average price for NEW drives a few months ago. I didn't care, they're just lying around unused because I thought, well, 2TB doesn't cut it anymore but these things get darn hot. Why run them? I'd rather use...
  4. T

    asic or gpu miner?

    Which is the best to start mining with ASIC or GPU miners? Can any one suggest which miner to go for?
  5. J

    Help with building JBOD for R815

    Hi all, I picked up 4 x Poweredge R815 servers at auction. They came fully loaded - 4 x Opteron 6276, 256gb ddr3, PERC H700, QLogic QLE8242, 2 x 1100w PSUs, etc. I am very new to working with servers and have some basic questions for a build I'm considering. Firstly, this is mostly just a...
  6. Patrick

    Intel Xeon D-2100 aka Skylake-D Mining

    Doing a few quick tests since I have insomnia in London. 4AM and still awake. Mining using Monero / Cryptonight versus Aeon (AV1) for cryptonight-lite with the new Intel Xeon D-2123IT and Xeon D-2183IT for 4 and 16 core Skylake-D chips. Using the servethehome/universal_cryptonight Intel Xeon...
  7. Z

    Having a hard time booting with >4 cards on S2600IP

    Hello! I've been mining with an S2600IP with both CPU sockets populated, and no matter what configuration of riser positions in the PCIe slots, I cannot boot with more than 4 GPUs. I'm using GTX 1070s for this setup. I can boot with 4GPUs using most PCIe arrangements, but the moment I try to...
  8. M

    Recommendations on Building a Monero Miner

    Hello, I would like to build a Monero mining computer with a great hash rate between $5-$15K as the budget or effectively produce a hash rate of above 3500 h/s I've been looking into using a build with a EPYC cpu. Likewise, I have also been considering buying 10-20 GPU's and combining them...
  9. S

    CPU mining requesting guidance

    Hello, Fairly new to the mining aspect of cryptocurrency so please bear with me. I currently have excess servers (3) in my data center which i'm looking to utilize for Monero/Aeon mining but i'm not sure where to start. I currently have ESXi 5.5 installed on each server with multiple...
  10. X

    Picking up mining again

    Hi all, I just registered on STH because I want to pck up mining again. In the past I have done some LTC and BTC mining with GPU's but that has been some years now, and all stuff has been reused or sold. Now I have 3 nodes running with a load of spare CPU cycles and was wondering what I can...
  11. D

    Feedback needed on ML-CryptoMining-Dev box

    I've been coding and trying to run VMs on my ancient machine and it's not going well. I've been cleared by the wife for a budget up to $5000 but prefer less than 3K. Here's the rub, I'm hoping to cryptomine to offset some of the cost when I'm not dev-ML-gaming. Those of you who mine and do ML...
  12. E

    Mining with Opteron Servers

    Hi all, i've posted this initially on bitcointalk and got redirected here so i guess you guys are the experts for monero... I have received 2 of these machines, CPU: 2x AMD Opteron 6174 12-Core 2.2 GHz (2x 6 MB Cache, 6.4 GT/s, AMD-V) RAM: 16 GB RAM HDD: 2x 146 GB SAS Hot Swap 2.5"...