1. Patrick

    Intel Xeon D-2100 aka Skylake-D Mining

    Doing a few quick tests since I have insomnia in London. 4AM and still awake. Mining using Monero / Cryptonight versus Aeon (AV1) for cryptonight-lite with the new Intel Xeon D-2123IT and Xeon D-2183IT for 4 and 16 core Skylake-D chips. Using the servethehome/universal_cryptonight Intel Xeon...
  2. Patrick

    Building the next-generation STH Aeon Docker Image

    CES 2018 is great, but a bit mind-numbing due to its size and the fact that very few major products on the server side get released during the show. I was thinking about our mining images and the fact that we have AV1 and priv (av2) images and that that seems unnecessary. As a result, I want to...
  3. C

    Do ya'll use public nodes for Aeon wallet?

    Just wanted to check as Im setting up my machine to get into the STH pool but didn't know if using a public node presented any risks/issues. Thanks!
  4. S

    CPU mining requesting guidance

    Hello, Fairly new to the mining aspect of cryptocurrency so please bear with me. I currently have excess servers (3) in my data center which i'm looking to utilize for Monero/Aeon mining but i'm not sure where to start. I currently have ESXi 5.5 installed on each server with multiple...
  5. X

    Picking up mining again

    Hi all, I just registered on STH because I want to pck up mining again. In the past I have done some LTC and BTC mining with GPU's but that has been some years now, and all stuff has been reused or sold. Now I have 3 nodes running with a load of spare CPU cycles and was wondering what I can...
  6. Patrick

    STH Aeon Mining Pool Beta Access

    Looks like the beta pool has been running for a day. If you want to join the AEON beta pool, please let me know here. The pool access will only be to STH members. We also have pre-built docker containers that go directly to the pool so all you need is a wallet address and then add how much CPU...