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    HP microserver g10 m.2 boot to freenas

    Hi folks, After an unpleasant experience of a simultaneous corruption of both usb boot drives i would like to put into my hp microserver g10 an pcie card with m.2 slot and use a ssd to boot the machine. No more sata slots left, all 5 gone. So i am wondering if somoene uses nvme or sata to boot...
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    Microserver Gen10 Plus - iLO shared port for free

    To use networked iLO in Microserver Gen10 Plus an additional NIC card is required (p/n P13788-B21). If you don't have this card shared port will be also disabled. TL,DR: pin B31 of MS10plus iLO dedicated NIC slot is used for addon card detection. Pulling this pin low (to GND) enables iLO...