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    [Solved] One way routing through VLANs and L3 switches - Brocade ICX7150

    Hi all. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious, but I'm a hardware guy trying to get into a software world. So this may or may not be a super easy fix. I currently run a flat network,, which I am working to replace entirely with a vlan'd up network, coming soon when my other...
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    Fastiron / Brocade Switch ICX7250 Configuration Help

    This may sound easy, but I'm not really understanding how this should be done... A lot of the fastiron documentation that Google has indexed is now missing "HTTP Status 404", so I've been bashing my head for a while trying to get these two things to work. Current config... pfsense has... LAN...
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    Help Converting Dell QoS/DiffServ config to Brocade FastIron?

    Hello STH, I was hoping someone here might be able to help me convert an existing config snippet from a Dell 62xx/70xx to the Brocade FastIron equivalent on an ICX6610 (8.0.30sa)... Background: In order to use your own router with the Google Fiber 1gb/1gb service (at least their...