ES EPYC Motherboard Compatible?

Engineering Sample

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Jun 20, 2019
A ES EPYC seller are selling some ES EPYC. He claimed that the CPUs can only boot with a Dell R6415 or R7415, but i found that some seller on Ebay are selling the ES EPYC with the same model. And i asked another seller on Ebay, he told me that this model of ES EPYC is compatible with Supermicro H11DSI. I think it is a CPU from Dell. Are the ES CPUs from a server manufacturer only work with the servers made by that manufacturer?
PS:The models of the ES EPYC sold by the first seller are 2S1405A3VIHF4, 2S1601A4VIHE4,2S1905A4VIHF4.