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  1. K

    EPYC Milan ES (100-000000114-09) ROMED8-2T POST Trouble

    Hello, I have an EPYC Milan ES ( 100-000000114-09 )and ROMED8-2T. I set up the Milan ES and tried bios 3.4 and 3.2, but DR DEBUG showed 00 and I could not post. If anyone knows of a bios that works with Milan ES, please let me know. Thank you in advance.
  2. ExecutableFix

    Finally: Overclocking EPYC Rome ES

    In November of 2019 I first got my hands on an AMD EPYC Naples engineering sample. I thought it was really cool you could overclock 32-cores for a lot cheaper than a 2990WX and achieve mostly the same performance. Once I saw that there were next-generation EPYC Rome engineering samples floating...
  3. E

    ES EPYC Motherboard Compatible?

    A ES EPYC seller are selling some ES EPYC. He claimed that the CPUs can only boot with a Dell R6415 or R7415, but i found that some seller on Ebay are selling the ES EPYC with the same model. And i asked another seller on Ebay, he told me that this model of ES EPYC is compatible with Supermicro...
  4. J

    FS - ES Intel Platinum 8176 QL1F Processors w/ Heat-Sinks

    I've got a set of (x4) QL1F Skylake processors and no longer have the systems I pulled them from, so here's your chance to get a couple without waiting on long shipping times or having to deal with poor communication. The specs of these chips are listed as the following on eBay: "Intel Xeon...
  5. L

    WTB:looking for ES E7-8890V4

    Hello Guys We are looking for some E7-8890V4 ES version processor, for limited cost considerration Can you have any source to offer?
  6. G

    Xeon E5 ES friendly server motherboard with IP KVM?

    Hi there, I've reached the bottleneck of my Lenovo TS440 machine and I am looking at upgrading to the E5 2600 v4 (or v3) LGA2011-3 series CPUs, it looks like there are a few "engineering samples" out there going for cheaper than retail. I was wondering is there a list somewhere listing the...