ASRock Rack EP2C602 - Windows 10 - Stability and Low FPS in Games


New Member
Mar 13, 2017
Hello, I'm new to this forum and decided to share my experience with Windows 10 on my Dual E5-2670 build with ASRock Rack EP2C602. Had this setup in use for a little over 6 months now as a VM host/NAS been switching through different flavors of Linux and Windows Server 2012/2016 with no issues pretty much running 24/7. Decided to turn it into a workstation/gaming/DJ streaming rig so I picked up a AMD RX 480 4GB card, USB3 card and sound card. Been running Windows 10 almost without issue except I noticed a problem after installing chipset drivers. They seem to be causing 2 issues stuttering frame rates in a couple games and windows will turn the computer back on right after it's been shutdown and powered off. Removing the chipset drivers seems to remedy the stuttering issue. I noticed something else when I decided to try out Windows 7 and 8.1 to see how they run and noticed FPS in games is a lot higher/smoother than in Windows 10 say about 20 to 30 FPS more in one game and going from average 60 FPS to about 150 FPS in Window 8.1 in another game. Not sure what the deal is but I guess I'm going to stick with 8.1 for now until I figure it out.