windows 10

  1. H

    LSI Megaraid 9260-4i - card disappears when computer sleeps

    I've been using the 9260-4i happily in a Windows 7 Dell Precision box for about a year. I just upgraded to Windows 10 on a nearly identical Dell Precision, moved the card and drives over, and everything appeared to work fine at first glance. However, when the machine goes to sleep, the card...
  2. M

    USB Burn Failed with Media Creation Tool

    Media Creation Tool say it is not able to make a bootable disk with this USB. It is USB 2.0 Kingston with 16 G free space. My purpose is create a Windows 10 installation media.
  3. I

    LSI SAS9207-8e not recognized by my Windows system

    Hi everyone, I recently received an LSI SAS9207-8e from ebay and installed it into my PC (windows 10, v.1903). The card does not seem to be even recognized by the system. In device manager -> storage controllers it does not appear at all. - the card is getting (very) hot, so it is being powered...
  4. F

    No Users Showing up after leaving windows domain

    I was tinkering around with windows server 2016 essentials and from my Windows 10 Pro workstation I connected to the domain I made, once I left the domain windows 10 no longer shows the last account logged in on the login screen.
  5. C

    Windows SMB performance issues

    Hi all, We recently set up a Solaris 11.4 server based on the following hardware; SuperMicro SSG-6049P-E1CR45L 2x XEON Silver 4114 10 Core 2.2GHz (LSI 3008 IT mode) 512GB DDR4-2666 ECC RAM 2 x Intel S4600 240GB 2 x Intel Optane 905P 480GB U.2 24 x HGST 10TB SAS 2 x Intel X540T2 10Gbe NIC Our...
  6. M

    Kon-Boot failed resetting my password

    Forgot login password of Win 10 PC and I was advertised by my friend to install Kon-Boot to sort it out. It says the password was reset but the computer still asks me for password in next bootup. Anyone know how to fix this?
  7. C

    Hyper-V events showing up in Event Viewer but Hyper-V role/features not installed...huh?

    So while doing some troubleshooting of my Windows 10 host I noticed that a process in task manager -- VMMEM -- that was eating up about 1GB of RAM at login for a little while and then it seems to disappear. After some quick Googling it seems that the VMMEM process is related to Hyper-V...
  8. AveryFreeman

    How can I manage KVM in Windows?

    Hi, I am experimenting with a KVM machine I put together using Alpine 3.6.2 with ZFS, and I was wondering if anyone has any ideas how I can manage it from a Windows laptop? I tried to install virt-viewer MSI, but the installer just exits after clicking the first 'next'. Can anyone suggest...
  9. S

    Gaming VM in ESXi 6.5 - Windows+GPU choice?

    Hi, I've really grown fond of the idea of hosting my gaming rig as a VM with passthrough of GPU/USB Controller etc. I'm really just wondering a few more before starting to try it out: Are there's any resource of a successful passthrough of an nVidia GeForce-series GPU? As Windows 10 have a...
  10. E

    Motherboard will only boot after a CMOS reset?

    I've visited this site a bit recently, but I haven't made an account and posted until now. In the last few weeks, I have gotten the parts for and breadboarded a custom Workstation PC. The PCPartPicker list is at Extreme Workstation Build - evanzolman's Saved Part List - Xeon E5-269... -...
  11. TheBloke

    Diskless Windows 10 workstation booted from NAS - possible? iSCSI? SMB?

    Hi all I'm in the process of a major upgrade to my home NAS. The server runs Solaris 11.3, with hardware of: 2 x 2.93GHz hex-core LGA1366 CPUs, 72GB RAM (considering upgrading to 120GB) and 32 ports of LSI 6GB SAS/SATA (2 x 2008, 2 x 2308). I currently have 27 x 2TB 7.2k SATA drives...
  12. TheBloke

    Going 10G - RJ45 copper via Intel X540?

    Hi all I've spent the last several weeks majorly upgrading my home file server, which is now 2 x hex-core Xeon X5670 CPUs with 72GB RAM, providing 24 x 2TB 7200rpm HDD on 4 x LSI controllers, running Solaris 11.3. I might also add an SSD or two for ZIL and/or cache. Having provided myself...
  13. K

    ASRock Rack EP2C602 - Windows 10 - Stability and Low FPS in Games

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and decided to share my experience with Windows 10 on my Dual E5-2670 build with ASRock Rack EP2C602. Had this setup in use for a little over 6 months now as a VM host/NAS been switching through different flavors of Linux and Windows Server 2012/2016 with no issues...
  14. J

    Why should I NOT get a dual CPU system

    I am thinking about getting a dual CPU workstation. Other than additional cost why else shouldn't I get this system? Will I run into things I cannot do because I have 2 CPU's? I understand the pros (more power!) but what are the cons? I will be running Windows 10 Pro and Ubuntu 16.04.
  15. C

    ipxe Boot Windows 10 Installer

    Does anyone have a working configuration for boot the windows 10 installer over ipxe. I have tried (I can get to the installer this way but fails at looking for drivers) initrd bootmgr bootmgr initrd boot/bcd BCD initrd boot/boot.sdi boot.sdi initrd sources/boot.wim boot.wim chain wimboot ||...
  16. C

    Windows 10 Insider Build - Crash on RDP

    After my hard drive died on my workstation at work I took the opportunity to install Windows 10 to an Intel S3500 80GB. I also installed the Hyper-V role. Everything works fine until I enable the Insider builds. I first tried to Fast Ring and it goes into a reboot loop after I RDP into the...
  17. Jeggs101

    Win 10 - Upgrade to Pro

    I have a personal laptop that I can upgrade to Win 10 pro for $70. I'm struggling to find anything but a domain that would make it worth it. Does anyone here have a good reason to do the upgrade?
  18. B

    Bios update, screen black

    I'm running a Tyan tomcat n3400b bios v2.01 Quad core American Megatrends On board Card basic standard 8g ram Windows 10 Last night I tried to flash bios, which was successful at the end but went into a black screen, I waited for 5 mins to see what's next, nothing happened so I reboot it and...