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  1. J

    iperf3 speeds not symmetric on multiple adapters in Windows 10?

    I ran `iperf3` between two Windows machines and noticed that the speeds were not symmetric. I tested using both the built-in 1-gigabit Ethernet adapters in each machine as well as with 10-gigabit Mellanox ConnectX-2 cards in both machines. Here's the relevant output. I address the 10-gigabit...
  2. A

    At my wits end with a Fusion-io 3.2TB on Windows 10...

    I've been trying to figure this out for years now. I've finally registered here as most of the information I can find about these drives online all point back to here. Forgive me for immediately jumping to a request for help. I have a Fusion-io ioScale 3.2TB, product number...
  3. N

    HP H240 HBA not seeing Dell 6TDVN SAS Expander, help?

    Hi there! I'm a newb so I am sorry if anything I say is terribly wrong; but here's the situation. I have an HP H240 HBA, in HBA mode, connected to my computer. 5900X, X570, Windows 10 Enterprise. It and all drives connected directly to it show up in Windows just fine. Plug and play and ready to...
  4. H

    LSI Megaraid 9260-4i - card disappears when computer sleeps

    I've been using the 9260-4i happily in a Windows 7 Dell Precision box for about a year. I just upgraded to Windows 10 on a nearly identical Dell Precision, moved the card and drives over, and everything appeared to work fine at first glance. However, when the machine goes to sleep, the card...
  5. M

    USB Burn Failed with Media Creation Tool

    Media Creation Tool say it is not able to make a bootable disk with this USB. It is USB 2.0 Kingston with 16 G free space. My purpose is create a Windows 10 installation media.
  6. I

    LSI SAS9207-8e not recognized by my Windows system

    Hi everyone, I recently received an LSI SAS9207-8e from ebay and installed it into my PC (windows 10, v.1903). The card does not seem to be even recognized by the system. In device manager -> storage controllers it does not appear at all. - the card is getting (very) hot, so it is being powered...
  7. F

    No Users Showing up after leaving windows domain

    I was tinkering around with windows server 2016 essentials and from my Windows 10 Pro workstation I connected to the domain I made, once I left the domain windows 10 no longer shows the last account logged in on the login screen.
  8. C

    Windows SMB performance issues

    Hi all, We recently set up a Solaris 11.4 server based on the following hardware; SuperMicro SSG-6049P-E1CR45L 2x XEON Silver 4114 10 Core 2.2GHz (LSI 3008 IT mode) 512GB DDR4-2666 ECC RAM 2 x Intel S4600 240GB 2 x Intel Optane 905P 480GB U.2 24 x HGST 10TB SAS 2 x Intel X540T2 10Gbe NIC Our...
  9. M

    Kon-Boot failed resetting my password

    Forgot login password of Win 10 PC and I was advertised by my friend to install Kon-Boot to sort it out. It says the password was reset but the computer still asks me for password in next bootup. Anyone know how to fix this?
  10. C

    Hyper-V events showing up in Event Viewer but Hyper-V role/features not installed...huh?

    So while doing some troubleshooting of my Windows 10 host I noticed that a process in task manager -- VMMEM -- that was eating up about 1GB of RAM at login for a little while and then it seems to disappear. After some quick Googling it seems that the VMMEM process is related to Hyper-V...
  11. AveryFreeman

    How can I manage KVM in Windows?

    Hi, I am experimenting with a KVM machine I put together using Alpine 3.6.2 with ZFS, and I was wondering if anyone has any ideas how I can manage it from a Windows laptop? I tried to install virt-viewer MSI, but the installer just exits after clicking the first 'next'. Can anyone suggest...
  12. S

    Gaming VM in ESXi 6.5 - Windows+GPU choice?

    Hi, I've really grown fond of the idea of hosting my gaming rig as a VM with passthrough of GPU/USB Controller etc. I'm really just wondering a few more before starting to try it out: Are there's any resource of a successful passthrough of an nVidia GeForce-series GPU? As Windows 10 have a...
  13. E

    Motherboard will only boot after a CMOS reset?

    I've visited this site a bit recently, but I haven't made an account and posted until now. In the last few weeks, I have gotten the parts for and breadboarded a custom Workstation PC. The PCPartPicker list is at Extreme Workstation Build - evanzolman's Saved Part List - Xeon E5-269... -...
  14. TheBloke

    Diskless Windows 10 workstation booted from NAS - possible? iSCSI? SMB?

    Hi all I'm in the process of a major upgrade to my home NAS. The server runs Solaris 11.3, with hardware of: 2 x 2.93GHz hex-core LGA1366 CPUs, 72GB RAM (considering upgrading to 120GB) and 32 ports of LSI 6GB SAS/SATA (2 x 2008, 2 x 2308). I currently have 27 x 2TB 7.2k SATA drives...
  15. TheBloke

    Going 10G - RJ45 copper via Intel X540?

    Hi all I've spent the last several weeks majorly upgrading my home file server, which is now 2 x hex-core Xeon X5670 CPUs with 72GB RAM, providing 24 x 2TB 7200rpm HDD on 4 x LSI controllers, running Solaris 11.3. I might also add an SSD or two for ZIL and/or cache. Having provided myself...
  16. K

    ASRock Rack EP2C602 - Windows 10 - Stability and Low FPS in Games

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and decided to share my experience with Windows 10 on my Dual E5-2670 build with ASRock Rack EP2C602. Had this setup in use for a little over 6 months now as a VM host/NAS been switching through different flavors of Linux and Windows Server 2012/2016 with no issues...
  17. J

    Why should I NOT get a dual CPU system

    I am thinking about getting a dual CPU workstation. Other than additional cost why else shouldn't I get this system? Will I run into things I cannot do because I have 2 CPU's? I understand the pros (more power!) but what are the cons? I will be running Windows 10 Pro and Ubuntu 16.04.
  18. C

    ipxe Boot Windows 10 Installer

    Does anyone have a working configuration for boot the windows 10 installer over ipxe. I have tried (I can get to the installer this way but fails at looking for drivers) initrd bootmgr bootmgr initrd boot/bcd BCD initrd boot/boot.sdi boot.sdi initrd sources/boot.wim boot.wim chain wimboot ||...
  19. C

    Windows 10 Insider Build - Crash on RDP

    After my hard drive died on my workstation at work I took the opportunity to install Windows 10 to an Intel S3500 80GB. I also installed the Hyper-V role. Everything works fine until I enable the Insider builds. I first tried to Fast Ring and it goes into a reboot loop after I RDP into the...
  20. Jeggs101

    Win 10 - Upgrade to Pro

    I have a personal laptop that I can upgrade to Win 10 pro for $70. I'm struggling to find anything but a domain that would make it worth it. Does anyone here have a good reason to do the upgrade?