Anyone have experience with Opnsense?

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Oct 21, 2015
i need to realize a new firewal with some function (qos/shaping/failover) on an alix apu2c4 board.
now i use iptables only but only console managemetn is hard on complex situation....

pfsense vs opnsense? suggestion?


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Mar 30, 2012
Opnsense is a fork of pfsense and I think its the reason we're seeing more copyright language in pfsense.

pfsense is still much larger and it works.

No reason to switch to go opensense if you can use pfsense. For a firewall device, you want as big of a team testing and fighting bugs as you can.

Here's the search comparison on google Google Trends

Opnsense is a much smaller project. They try to claim momentum but they're not getting it. If something goes bad, someone will pick up pfsense as its a larger project. I'd worry that opnsense would just retire if it lost key people.
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Apr 30, 2016
I'm interested in this as well. I read the opnsense articles on why they forked and their goals. Opnsense sure looks much better to my heart and a more unified effort similar to the BSD model.

PFsense seems to have a dev go do their own thing on a feature and not consider the continuity with the rest of the project. This is similar and frustrating akin to Linux projects.

I've had direct experience with a particular PFsense developer and donated for a feature bounty. It turned out absolutely garbage. It barely worked and only in an obtuse, non-flexible way. Not only that, but the dev kept telling everyone how wrong we all were because he was the only one that could understand the underlying documentation. They have since rewritten that feature totally because it made no sense. I don't think the new iteration is much better.

Yea, pfsense works for my simple home use case, but I am yearning for something better. Coincidentally, I was just going through opnsense website and forums this week. Love to hear other thoughts!
Oct 21, 2015
yes i think the same, i have some i386 oldbox pfsense, and the new version not have support fot this hardware.
my opinion is that netgate try to change gradually pfsense to limit installation on all device to prefer their appliance....
not that opnsense does not do it, but for now the project it seems more permissive