1. L

    Low Power Server OPNSense/Home Assistant(/Nextcloud)

    I am currently researching potential hardware for a Router/Home Assistant Server. The STH article on the R86S-N got me thinking about the topic. https://www.servethehome.com/this-gowin-r86s-pro-is-an-everything-revolution-with-25gbe-and-2-5gbe/ My current homelab (I left out anything thats not...
  2. B

    Are my router, switch, and AP plans ok?

    I am switching from a consumer wifi router to a proper network and have no router, no switches, and no APs. I think I have an OK plan but am looking for critiques and suggestions. I've attached a picture with my current (left) and potential future (right) network structure. Now: Start with an...
  3. N

    Tiny homelab Cluster as homelab

    Hey guys, after starting a new job and getting interested about Cluster, shared storage etc. I still can't decide how to start my homelab for testing and maybe some things like a private cloud, Bitwarden etc. and use one of the nodes as a firewall if possible. What I want: low form factor...
  4. Alfa147x

    WTB: Is anyone for hire tomorrow? I need someone to configure IPv6 and Wiregaurd on my OPNsense Firewall before the 24hrs of Daytona (SOLD)

    (This request is complete) Budget: $150 USD I need someone to walk me through the following: I am on a residential cable connection (Charter) and have not been able to configure IPv6 properly. I need some troubleshooting help here. More importantly, I would like to route traffic from an Apple...
  5. E

    How do I PROPERLY configure an N5015 device with ESXi and OPNSense?

    Hello, So I bought from Ali Express, one of the N5105 fanless boxes - bare bones model then I got 32 gigs of RAM and a 1TB SSD from Amazon - total cost out the door less than $300. I've installed ESXi as the booting OS, then I installed OPNSense in a VM, and I have it properly working and...
  6. O

    Supermicro X11SSH-LN4F can't enter BIOS, only boots to EFI Shell

    Hey! I wanted to migrate my pfsense Box to OPNSense this weekend and so far it's gone horribly wrong and the anxiety slowly starts to hit. The system was running perfectly fine for 3-4 years with pfsense, and now I plugged in the OPNSense installer USB, wanted to reboot and it booted to EFI...
  7. Necrotyr

    OPNsense: Portforwarding over vpn tunnel

    Right, I about to go insane trying to figure this out. tl;dr: Unable to make inbound PAT over VPN tunnel work, outbound works fine. I have an VPS with a bunch of public addresses I want to use in my homelab, to this end I've installed opnsense on the VPS, as this is the firewall I'm also using...
  8. C

    SOLD - [US-PA] OPNsense DEC3840 Firewall

    Edit: This has been sold Selling this DEC3840 that has been upgraded. Shipping via FedEx is included to CONUS from 15272. Only accepting Paypal invoice. DEC3840 Board: Netboard A20 CPU: AMD Embedded EPYC 3101 (Quad Core 2.1Ghz max turbo frequency 2.9Ghz. – 35W – No GPU) RAM: 64GB (2 x SK...
  9. G

    Newbie setting up VLAN in pfSense/OPNSense with Cisco SG200-26

    Hi Guys, I already said it here, but I'm relatively new to networking and I'm learning by doing. I read about VLAN's, trunks, layer 2 & layer 3 switches and I do kind of understand the basics. I want to work on a project and I'm kind of stuck by planning the configuration of the Cisco SG200-26...
  10. J

    Simple Home Network Advice

    Hey all, I am looking for some guidance on my home network rebuild. Here are some details: I have a 400/20 mbit cable connection to the house My house is a ~1600sqft (i think) ranch with drywall and unfinished full basement All rooms are wired with cat5/6 I use a WNDR3700 with openwrt on it...
  11. J

    opnsense vpn performance - e3-1220

    I am considering using a Dell Poweredge R210 II as an opnsense firewall for my work lab. How much should this be able to handle of plain routing, vpn (ipsec? openvpn), ids etc. It has 16GB ram and a Xeon e3-1220 (4 core 3.1Ghz w/aes-ni) -jannis
  12. O

    Anyone have experience with Opnsense?

    i need to realize a new firewal with some function (qos/shaping/failover) on an alix apu2c4 board. now i use iptables only but only console managemetn is hard on complex situation.... pfsense vs opnsense? suggestion?