Accton/Edgecore/White Box vs Arista & other branded switches?

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New Member
Dec 28, 2018
Anyone here have any thoughts on Accton / Edgecore switches versus Arista or other more branded switches?

Seeing that the hyperscalers (FB, AMZN) are using a lot of cheaper switches, but like we've seen elsewhere, these cheaper switches are actually moving up in terms of value and functionality (or so I've heard). 400 gbe switches already out and probably start selling in larger quantities next year

Wondering if anyone here has thoughts on this - pros and cons of going with white box or slightly branded like Edgecore vs branded switches and what the usual thought process is



Staff member
Dec 21, 2010
Perhaps the biggest development for everyone else using whitebox switches is SONiC. Hyperscalers are modifying, not necessarily contributing back to, SONiC for their own use. That will enable more whitebox switching as some features make it into the mainline. I even spoke to a Dell exec two weeks ago and they are 100% onboard with SONiC as well.

It is becoming all about the software in some parts of the stack.