1. H

    Mellanox SN2410 MLAG behavior

    Hi all! I'm trying to configure MLAG to a pair of Mellanox SN2410 as leaf switches. I would say this is my first experience with the model and even MLAG configuration. It was configured based on this docs: MLAG I've done the config and everything looks great on the redundancy and fault...
  2. F


  3. Z

    Networking Novice Arista Switch Setup Help Needed

    Greetings all, first time posting here so please be lenient. I recently picked up a decomissioned arista 7050SX with the intention of sticking it in front of my router or possibly replacing the switch i have running my ceph cluster. The problem here is all of the documentation assumes you...
  4. A

    L/F Assistance with UfiSpace S9180-32X Switches

    Hey all, Long-time lurker, thought I'd finally post since I noticed a lot of users here have gone more in-depth with some network hardware and the software they run. We acquired 3x UfiSpace S9180-32X 100G switches a few months back which are based on the Barefoot Tofino chipset, and have been...
  5. N

    Recommended eBay seller for used 10G SFP+ access network switches

    I've been using tugm4470 to purchase excellent quality used data center equipment, such as Epyc CPUs and motherboards, memory and SSDs. However, he does not sell switches and so was wondering if many people here have good experience with sellers who stock switches. My preference would be branch...
  6. X

    Top China Switch with 48x2.5G + 4x10G + 2x40G + redundant hotswap PSU

    Following 2 months ago video on the "$400 insane China Mega switch" that was published on youtube I contacted the vendor to buy the new big brother switch that offers 48x2.5GbE + 4xSFP+@10GbE + 2xSFP28@40GbE :cool:. This one uses a more powerful chip with 1280M switching bandwidth and...
  7. S

    Silent 10G Switch 16 - 24 Ports

    Hello everyone, I have currently 2 MikroTik CRS312-4C-8XG andI think they’re pretty loud. So I was thinking to replace them maybe evenday do a good job. Someone on Reddit did a Noctua Mod but the temps are a bit high then (about 5C more in average). I would like to have more less the same...
  8. S

    Switch: Mikrotik vs Aruba Instant On ?

    My homelab has evolved over time and it's time to congest three 8 port smart switches into a 24 port one. Generally I just need a smart switch e.g. VLANS, QoS, Trunking (LACP), SNMP and 1-2 10G uplinks I've been looking and for my budget there are basically just two to choose from: Mikrotik...
  9. J

    Planning the network of a small radio broadcast station

    Dear all, I have been following the STH Youtube channel for some time, but this is my first post in the Forum. I am currently planning the renovation of the network infrastructure of a local non-profit radio station in Portugal and, since I’m just a student and hobbyist, it would be very...
  10. G

    ICX7150-C12P for ~$145, risky.

    This seller has at least two more ICX7150-C12P for cheap, they look very bad and are sold as "for parts" and in the description it says "No PoE on all ports". I asked the seller about the one that didn't look like a lion chewed it and then spat it out, he said it turned on and seemed to work...
  11. T

    Is there ANY way for me apply forms of port security to unmanaged switches?/ ANSWERED

    So I am a college student and for a project, I am very interested in whether or not there is ANY way for me to apply port security settings to the ports of an unmanaged switch. I realized that unmanaged switches do not have any sort of interface in which to naturally do this, unlike managed...
  12. nsummy

    [FS][US-IA] Cisco Nexus 7000 18-Slot Switch Chassis - N7K-C7018

    I have 2 of these available, and they come with everything required to run, along with a few switches, updated to the latest ios. Asking $600 each plus shipping QTY Component 2 Supervisor Modules - Supervisor 1(N7K-SUP1), with 8 GB memory cards 2 M1 I/O Modules - 48-port 1-Gigabit...
  13. Wasmachineman_NL

    EU Some Brocade switches (ICX 6610 etc)

    Posted this in the Brocade thread but I guess a Great Deals thread will reach a larger crowd: Guy I know is looking to unload some Brocade switches as they're taking WAY too much room in his storage. He's got: 19 ICX6610-24F-E's, one with single PSU two with dual PSU's 1 ICX 6610-24F-PE 9...
  14. I

    looking for 4x switch suggestion

    currently we have mix brand mode switches mostly cisco 3x2690G, 3132q (40GB), dell force10(10GB) we are out of 1G ports, and we in the process of ordering new(refurbished) switches we are thinking for ordering 4x3750x with 10GB module. (each cost around 300$ on ebay) I am thinking for going...
  15. S

    Servers and switches in a single rack

    Hello guys, in my lab I have a rack with depth of 1000mm, with front and back fully accessible, but I cannot access sides because is between a wall and another rack. I put servers in this rack, sliding out on front side and the UPS on bottom. Currently I put the switches on the back side, fixed...
  16. M

    Setup and configure Quanta Lb4m switch

    I Purchased quanta lb4m switch and I need help setting it up. I want to connect to my home router (quantum fios) then create vlans Management Apps Data Security
  17. J

    Simple Home Network Advice

    Hey all, I am looking for some guidance on my home network rebuild. Here are some details: I have a 400/20 mbit cable connection to the house My house is a ~1600sqft (i think) ranch with drywall and unfinished full basement All rooms are wired with cat5/6 I use a WNDR3700 with openwrt on it...
  18. Y

    Accton/Edgecore/White Box vs Arista & other branded switches?

    Anyone here have any thoughts on Accton / Edgecore switches versus Arista or other more branded switches? Seeing that the hyperscalers (FB, AMZN) are using a lot of cheaper switches, but like we've seen elsewhere, these cheaper switches are actually moving up in terms of value and...
  19. S

    FS 2 ICX6610-24P switches Fully flashed and updated

    :( they work great but my pregnant wife cant yell at me from upstairs for me to hear her in my office. they are fully updated but will not have any licenses on them (you can reach out to fohdeesha for that :) will sell with 2 fans and 2 power supplies (switch is POE but power supplies are not...