1. H

    Quanta LB6M Networking Issue, Access not working?

    Hello, I recently got the Quanta LB6M but it seems to have an issue as it will connect to the internet (IE get an IP address), but I can't seem to connect to that address at all. I have tried connecting through Putty using that IP but it didn't work, I have also tried just connecting through...
  2. P

    HPE R1N26A Composable Fabric FM 3180 25GbE Switch

    Anyone have experience with these? I'm eyeing a new in box one, but not sure if I need a subscription, licenses, or anything else to use it. I'm hoping to plug it in and it work out of the box. Any insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  3. Castlers

    Mellanox SX6036 DHCP Relay Problems

    I have a couple VLANs and I wanted to set an upstream DHCP relay on them so I could point it to a DHCP server I'm hosting, but the switch is giving me an error if I try to enable it at all. This is said throughout when I just try to enable it or point it to a helper address at all, I can go...
  4. Castlers

    Mellanox SX6036 L3 VLAN woes

    I'm having issues routing from the switch to the router/ISP. I have 2 VLANs created to separate the Workstations and the Servers, and while Inter-VLAN routing is working, getting out of the switch and to the router is not working. I cannot create a routerport on this switch as it says the device...
  5. N

    Dell R720XD, NetApp DS4246 - Chia Farm - NEED HELP WITH NETWORK

    Hello STH, I'm hoping someone can help me figure out how to get this network setup. I am farming Chia with: I bought one of these, but I am not sure what controller cards I need to connect these servers using this, if I can: Mellanox IS5022 Infiniband 8 Port 40Gb/s QSFP Networking Switch I am...
  6. I

    Networking Advice, Hardware & Software.

    I'm in a bit of a crisis, Wanting to setup a home network with two WAN inputs, Starlink & the current ISP. I'm not sure what hardware is needed for such a setup to allow Loadbalancing / Failover. I would love to run pfsense or openwrt as well if possible. I plan on setting up Pi-hole, Unbound &...
  7. T

    LACP configuration

    Hello friends! I am trying to configure LACP between my Juniper SRX240 (JunOS 12.3) and Quanta LB6M. So far, I'm stuck. Let me show you my current configuration on both devices. Quanta LB6M configuration interface 0/25 addport 1/1 exit interface 0/26 addport 1/1 exit interface 0/27 addport...
  8. S

    Setting up network/pfsense machine w/ 2.5gbe home connection

    I recently got 2gig internet from Frontier (I am getting around 2.3gbe at the router) and want to revamp my home network to take advantage of the new speed and had some questions getting started. Before this I was stuck at 25-50mbps, so didn't ever really worry about any of my equipment. The...
  9. E

    Dell MX7000 - Blade's iDRAC configured and accessible. ESXi on same VLAN not accessible.

    I'm scratching my head on this one. I have a Dell MX7000 in my lab that I just got. It has 7x MX740c blades, and a single MX9116N switch. Since I only have 1x MX9116N switch at the moment, SmartFabric is not available. "Old school" CLI management on this one for now... All firmware is...
  10. R

    recommended ram for Topton N6005 Router 6 LAN

    I ordered a barebone Topton N6005 Router 6 LAN from AliExpress today with the intention of running OPNsense on it. Specs say: • Dual SO-DIMM DDR4 ram slots, support 2400/2666/2933MHz Anyone have experience with this unit, or more specifically a suggestion of what ram I should buy? I'm...
  11. V

    Proxmox isolating vm from host, hyper & user (network and volumes)

    Need to run some sketchy applications in a linux or windows vm, let's call it SketchVM. What I want to accomplish: - SketchVM to have access to the internet. -Malware on SketchVM cannot infect proxmox hypervisor -Malware on SketchVM cannot infect other vms or write to their drives -Malware...
  12. G

    Mellanox 10G Dual-Port card does not do any routing with IPoIB?

    Hey folks, I have 3 servers equipped with the Connect-X2 MT26418, all running Proxmox (debian11). The cards are all 2 Port ones, and I got 2 cables running between them like this: +---------------------------+ | serv1 | +---------------------------+ | Port 2 |...
  13. L

    Infiniband Network for small GPU-Cluster

    Hi everyone, I am currently in the process of planning an Infiniband Network for our new GPU cluster. We want to be able to run simulation / AI workloads across the big GPU nodes and are hence looking to connect everything with a 100 Gb Infiniband-Network. At first, I was thinking of the...
  14. T

    Is there ANY way for me apply forms of port security to unmanaged switches?/ ANSWERED

    So I am a college student and for a project, I am very interested in whether or not there is ANY way for me to apply port security settings to the ports of an unmanaged switch. I realized that unmanaged switches do not have any sort of interface in which to naturally do this, unlike managed...
  15. T

    ESXi Network help

    So, I have a Dell R620 running ESXi. I have two network cables coming into different NICs, each one on it's own network. I am trying to set up ESXi to run a webserver and a Kemp load balancer. now, in my home network, I have two LANs comming off a PFsense box, one connects to my VPN and its...
  16. B

    Optimal OS for game dedicated server

    What OS(excluding linux, ubuntu and other unix like OS and excluding windows server OS) should I use for operating a dedicated server for running the server files for my game?
  17. B

    Juniper EX4200-24T IOS

    I am at a loss, I recently bought a switch (EX4200-24T) Second hand from amazon, however at some point during setup one of my config files was corrupted and now the only way to fix this is a format with a new OS install, Juniper support is trying to force me to buy a 1000$ support contract in...
  18. D

    help getting started seastone DX010

    Hello everyone, I come to you because it is the first time that I am working with these teams, when I connect through the console the switch shows me a promp in bash, but it does not load any switch operating system, someone will have some documentation for this, since I have not been successful...
  19. D

    help with seastone DX010

    Hello everyone, I just acquired this seastone DX010 switch, but the truth is that I do not know anything about this equipment, it has a console cable, but when I connect it to my PC nothing comes out, only strange symbols, I have changed the cable, USB port and PC, but I still have the same...
  20. R

    Hobbyist looking for practical networking learning resources

    Hello everyone, A few years ago, I got bitten by the networking/Linux/virtualization bug and have been exploring these areas ever since. I built two NASes and a PFSense router with 5 VLANs, and am now focusing on networking. I am watching videos for the CompTIA Networking+ exam, but it's too...