1. EluRex

    SM x11ssh-ctf mod

    I am setting up a proxmox cluster with ceph cluster for lab purpose with 4 x11ssh-ctf motherboard in UNAS nsc810A chassis (very small chassis and air vent is on the side of the chassiss and not at the back) After turn on the rig without any case fan, I realized a few hot zone. Even with...
  2. EluRex

    PVE Cluster using UNAS 810A

    This is a long thread and lots photo. Basic goal is create a home lab and also a home nas environment + home media hub My Network Diagram My network Equipment My first build of the node is using UNAS NSC800 Chassis with Intel I7-6700T with ASRock C236 WSI. I was a bit disappointed due to...
  3. EluRex

    E3-1500 v5 mobo for NAS choice

    I have a UNAS 8 bay Chassis which following is better? ASRock Rack > C236 WSI4-85L looks great but no m2.pcie X11SSV-M4 | Motherboards | Products - Super Micro Computer, Inc.it has m2.pcie x4 ... but it only support 32gb of ram X11SSV-M4F | Motherboards | Products - Super Micro Computer...