1. bilbo1337

    EXPIRED Seagate Exos 16TB Recertified Hard Drive at $234.99

    There's a promo code 'chiaching' which makes it come out to $234.99 each. They aren't new but still it's manufacture recerts which people get when they have to RMA a new drive from Seagate. So a bit better than a used drive. Also, it looks like there's no sales tax to pay so by itself that's a...
  2. B

    FS - [USA-TX] 6 x 16TB Seagate EXOS SATA HDD, Noctua NH-U14S TR4-SP3 with NF-A15 Chromax and Heatsink Cover

    Hi all, I am parting out the drives of my NAS due to a canceled research project :(. These are shucked drives and they have been extensively tested prior to shucking (Write+Read test using HDD Sentinel) from Seagate 16TB Expansion Desktop USB 3.0 External Hard Drive (STEB16000400). They are...
  3. D

    FS: (US) Seagate Exos Enterprise 2TB HDD SATA 2.5in

    I have 12 Seagate Exos Enterprise 2TB HDD's 7200RPM SATA. These are 2.5 inch form factor. Looking for $85 per drive + $8 Shipping. Will entertain bundle discounts for people buying 4 or more. For those wondering I ran them all through a SMART check. I will post a SMART here for one of the...
  4. J

    Need Advice for SAS 12Gpbs Drives

    I am debating between these three types of drives: 1. HGST HE8 HUH728080AL4200 8TB 7.2k SAS 12GB/s 3.5" 2. Seagate ST8000NM0065 8TB 7200RPM 3.5IN 4KN SAS-12GBPS...
  5. A

    Seagate Nytro 5000 1920GB@$200 These are datacenter-grade 22110 nvme with power loss protection. Why are they so cheap, where's the catch?
  6. R

    DKS5C-K300SS is beeping!

    Hi guys, I have 10 disk drives of SEAGATE ST9300653SS - DKS5C-K300SS Hitachi model, when I use HP DL380 G9 with HBA mode Enabled, I can NOT even see these drives directly, I have already tried by PC-3000, only PCB works, Mechanical parts are not working and platters not spinning, and there is...
  7. Sleyk

    Western Digital "Easy Recycle" Program Good or Bad?

    Just got this email form Western Digital this morning about their new Drive Recycling Program. What do you guys think? Is this a good or bad thing? I have a shit-ton of old, used, dead and living drives I could recycle. Is it worth it to send in one drive at a time and snag 5 bucks? :.)...
  8. T

    FS: Rack Mount KVMs, EOL Drives and over run drives (HGST, SeaGate, WD)

    We're back! Or I'm back. We have some things in warehouse just sitting here and have never been used. Just an intro, we've been in the storage industry for over 25 years. We've mostly dealt with SIs, Business or contracts. If you have any questions or issues, feel free to message me here or at...
  9. Sleyk

    Seagate ST91000640SS 1TB 2.5" 6Gbps SAS Drives

    Alrighty fellas, Time for another deal. This one is not as big as the 6TB deal, its definitely smaller, and not as hot, but I negotiated the seller down :.) This is for 1TB 2.5 SAS drives: Seagate model number ST91000640SS. Can be used for Dell servers like the R710/R720/R720xd etc. Seller...
  10. Sleyk

    Seagate ST6000NM0074 6TB 7.2k 12Gb/s SAS SED Internal Hard Drive HOT DEAL!

    Alrighty fellas. I got a treat for you my peeps. However, this is only if you have the use case/need. Please read this whole before you do anything. So I normally browse through eBay looking for cheap deals on the things I want, and after a while, this gets boring. Or...
  11. H

    Is This A Good Deal (Seagate 7E8 4TB) ?

    I was searching around for inexpensive hard drives and I stumbled upon this: Dell Exos 7E8 4TB SAS (ebay) for £69/drive. Are these a good deal? The price seems too good to be true when compared to other similar used or "seller refurbished" drives. Out of interest, do they or should they have...
  12. Z

    FS: SOLD 88TB! 8x8TB + 4x6TB +bonus!

    Hello, Just moved my home array Promise TB3 to 12TB drives. I'm looking to sell 4x WD NAS Red 6TB drvies (Warranty till 2019 to 2021) As always, I include a gift (CPU, RAM, SSD, ect... just ask). Also, I have 8x 8TB that i'll be replacing as well. Ask for a bundle deal! Thanks Z...
  13. Z

    WTB: 5x 10/12/14+TB HDD

    Hi, Looking to buy 5x drives for a small TB3 NAS project. Also, if anyone has any suggestions on a nightly data-backup program to move windows folders from one TB3 NAS to another TB3 NAS. Thanks! PM with any $$$ for drives (SATA
  14. F

    Updating firmware for HPE-rebranded Seagate XF1440 without a Linux Live CD

    I have a HPE-rebranded Seagate XF1440 NVMe drive with model number VK001920KWDUH. Its preinstalled firmware is HPK2. I can find HPK4 on HPE site, but they only provide a Linux-based updater for this version. I don't want to burn a Linux Live CD for doing this, so I tried to extract and replace...
  15. T

    WTB * Seagate Ironwolf / Ironwolf Pro 6TB or 8TB

    Wanted to buy : Seagate Ironwolf or Ironwolf Pro HDD 6TB or 8TB Drives which can pass all the Seagate SeaTools Diagnostic tests.
  16. S

    Need Firmware for ST9600204SS (FireStorm) Savvio 10k.4

    Hello Everyone, I need Generic Seagate Firmware (0004/0006) or just LOD file for ST9600204SS that is Savvio 10k.4. Thanks
  17. T

    FS: (2019 Update) WD/HGST Factory Recertified Enterprise Drives, Seagate and Toshiba Drives

    Previous post: HERE So last year we had the opportunity to open our over stock of HGST Enterprise and WD drives for sale. I posted here and the reaction was great even though we had some small learning curves and growing pains. We've noticed a lot of our customers are in the server or...
  18. O

    EU 8 tb disk drives at amazon uk and de

    Hi. 8 tb wd my book for 144EUR at 8tb backup plus for 130 GBP at 8tb game hub for 130 GBP at Thanks and have a nice day.
  19. T

    Success updating Firmware on SEAGATE ST4000NM0023?

    They came from a dell server/equal logic and I'm struggling to get Storage Spaces Direct working so my last ditch effort is to update the firmware. I downloaded the dell utility but I'm not running it in a dell server so it fails. I tried the cli utility but also failed, I found this blog...
  20. Z

    FS: 8TB Archive HDD + Bonus gift $150 shipped

    Hello, Just received a 8TB Seagate drive back (recertified) directly from Seagate RMA (NEW IN BOX). I bought a replacement ($200) day of, so I do not need another. Looking for a fast sale. $SOLD + bonus gift PM me for gift / Bonus (SSD, CPU, SD card, cellphone, etc...)