1. R

    CWWK official site delivery issues

    Hello, I had recently placed an order for this item on official store website since AliExpress didn't have delivery to my country. It has still been 9 days since the order but the tracking number stopped showing any updates 6 days ago. I have tried to reach out to CWWK through their...
  2. L

    Low Power Server OPNSense/Home Assistant(/Nextcloud)

    I am currently researching potential hardware for a Router/Home Assistant Server. The STH article on the R86S-N got me thinking about the topic. My current homelab (I left out anything thats not...
  3. B

    Are my router, switch, and AP plans ok?

    I am switching from a consumer wifi router to a proper network and have no router, no switches, and no APs. I think I have an OK plan but am looking for critiques and suggestions. I've attached a picture with my current (left) and potential future (right) network structure. Now: Start with an...
  4. H

    Stupid Arista Question: Syncing Configs

    Hi all I'm chasing some advice on how to arrange and manage some switches in the homelab. I'm finally getting around to fixing my networking after having a my 'new' switches sitting on the shelf for a couple of years. As a background I've got: - 2x Arista 7050T-64 - 2x Brocade ICX6450 (running...
  5. T

    R86s Router

    I recently stumbled upon some offerings for a Router called "R86s" on aliexpress. (They seem to even have an official product page at R86S) It looks like it would be great for a small homelab. It's a small Firewall Appliance featuring: * Intel N5105 or N6005 Processor * 8 or 16gb Ram * 128gb...
  6. tinfoil3d

    edge router eBGP hardware in 2022 - not a walk in da park at all?

    Kinda thought that anything around 1 maybe 2k USD used router would do the job, no? For starters that'll be dual 1gbit uplink or so. I see from some reddit posts that mikrotik can do the job, ubi and maybe even fortigate but that's all sub-optimal. I kinda naively thought I can get away with...
  7. T

    Network topology – router, VLAN subnets

    Hello, Hopefully someone could help me to optimise my network topology and move L3 routing to the right side L3 switch. To move L3 routing from firewall/router on the left side between LAN and DMZ to the Ruckus ICX in a different set-up, I once did in the past with help from here. The reason...
  8. bryan_v

    [SOLD][CAN/US]3x APU4D2 pfsense router appliances

    UPDATE: ALL SOLD Selling my fully assembled 3x APU4D2 pfsense/router appliances from PCEngines, originally supposed to be part of an office deployment that never happened. Top line specs are: 1 GHz quad core AMD GX-412TC CPU 4x Gigabit Ethernet i211AT LAN 2 GB DDR3-1333 DRAM 16GB mSATA SSD...
  9. S

    SRX Series Quality Control checklist

    Good morning, I was wondering if anyone could assist me please. I'm hoping one of you will be able to point me in the right direction or send me a Quality Control Checklist for an SRX 345 specifically. Though, it does not have to be specifically needed for an SRX just a Hardware Quality...
  10. Z

    FS: $299 Sonicwall TZ400 and TZ350 + BONUS TZ215 (Jul 1 2022 lics)

    Selling a TZ400 and TZ350 that we replaced with Meraki MXs. Both the TZ400 and TZ350 have lics till Jul 1 2022 . The TZ350 is under warranty till Mar 5 2022 . TZ215 is added as a bonus (no support or lics) All come with power supplies as well. FS: $750 $299 + shipping + BONUS TZ215
  11. maxermaxer

    Is this setup for Pfsense as a router for 1000Mbps WAN?

    I happened to have a chance to buy this fanless router but I am not sure how good it is to use it for Pfsense for a 1000Mbps WAN internet. Can someone shed some light? Thank you! Gargoyle x86 3215U - Intel Celeron 3215U - ADATA AM1L16BC2P1-B1FS 2GB DDR3L-1600MHz SO-DIMM - BIWIN M6225 8GB SSD -...
  12. C

    SOLD - [US-PA] OPNsense DEC3840 Firewall

    Edit: This has been sold Selling this DEC3840 that has been upgraded. Shipping via FedEx is included to CONUS from 15272. Only accepting Paypal invoice. DEC3840 Board: Netboard A20 CPU: AMD Embedded EPYC 3101 (Quad Core 2.1Ghz max turbo frequency 2.9Ghz. – 35W – No GPU) RAM: 64GB (2 x SK...
  13. J

    [WTB US-MD] Super Micro SuperServer 5018D-FN8T (or the like)

    I want to replace my Unifi Dream Machine Pro and go with a custom system / setup and I am ideally looking for something like the SuperMicro SuperServer 5018D-FN8T - primarily because it has at least one 10Gbit / SFP+ and a handful of 1Gbit ports and a beefy enough CPU for what it is supposed to...
  14. N

    Switch inter-vlan routing with only WAN traffic going to a firewall

    I have a Brocade ICX 6450 with router firmware. There are two VLANs 9 and 100. Both have a tagged port 1/1/1 that goes to an OpenWRT router. The OpenWRT router serves as DHCP server and firewall to WAN. I have been struggling for weeks now to configure this correctly. What I want...
  15. G

    Router for upgrade to 10 Gigabit WAN at home

    I'll be upgrading my home internet connection to 10 Gigabit fiber in March. Because of this, I'll need to upgrade my router from a Mikrotik RB4011 since it only has a single SFP+ port, and I need 2x SFP+ for WAN and LAN. I've been looking at the MikroTik CCR2004-1G-12S+2XS, but I'm open to any...
  16. I

    Network setup and gear help

    Hi all! I'm looking to get rid of my current AIO and go with a more managed approach to the home network. Here is what I'm thinking of doing: I have three questions for the parts list: While the Intel I350T4V2 NIC looks great, is it overkill for what I'm wanting to do? I want to make sure...
  17. U

    Reliable router/firewall with good VLAN and QOS support for home?

    Hi - I'm looking to set up multiple VLANS at home to isolate primary computers, iot, guest network, cameras. Given the working from home situation, I also want to have configurable QOS to make sure my video meetings maintain bandwidth when someone is watching netflix. I'm going to be upgrading...
  18. N

    EU FS: Brocade MLXE-4-MR2-M-AC IP/MPLS Router for datacenter

    Hi there, i have these 2 similar units that I dont use, nor do i intend to use them at home :) maybe somebody in here would be interested. The units comes without any modules beside the 2* PSU and 4 fans in the rear. (Management and interface modules is needed) My selling price is: 150 each...
  19. N

    Selling: Brocade MLXe-4-MR2-M-AC

    Hi there, i have recently aquired a couple of these badboys. The router itself is included with two PSU's, and missing the management module. they are from a former datacenter, that has turned the key. Shipping is possible in europe and costs around 230 USD. Local pickup in Denmark is also...
  20. T

    Wifi ac router with 8port gigabit POE/POE+

    Hi! Does somebody know such wifi router? -8port gigabit POE/POE+ with 802.11ac wifi with external antenna connector I know, i can do this with 2 separate device, i looking for "one chasis" solution.