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    Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X Advanced Gigabit ER-X 256MB 5-port

    Can't edit the title. Sheesh. $40, not $50 We have a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X that we used very briefly, but it just wasn't for us. Nice router, solidly built, and highly configurable. Ultimately, we swapped it out after moving into a new office and realizing we wanted a router with wifi built in...
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    Firewall / Gateway / Router recommendation?

    Just moved to a new house and I now have an ATT Uverse 1gbps connection. Which sounds great, but my old Sophos box just cant seem to do much beyond 200mbps. I recently bought a UBNT USG, but after messing with it for about 5 hours I put it all back in the box. Besides the fact that it didnt...