1. S

    Servers and switches in a single rack

    Hello guys, in my lab I have a rack with depth of 1000mm, with front and back fully accessible, but I cannot access sides because is between a wall and another rack. I put servers in this rack, sliding out on front side and the UPS on bottom. Currently I put the switches on the back side, fixed...
  2. J

    Thoughts on sound "proofing" (dampening) a Startech 4POSTRACK12U

    Hi folks! I've been running my Startech 4POSTRACK12U for a little over a month now. It's housing a Dell Poweredge R730xd (Proxmox host/NAS), a L2 Netgear managed 24 port 1Gb switch, a couple 2U shelves holding up some Cyberpower UPSs and my cable modem, and soon a Supermicro CSE-512F-350B based...
  3. A

    Cheap generic rails?

    Where do you get inexpensive generic sliding 4-post rails? unless its not dell or hp, they are all standard with 3 pins sliding on top?
  4. T

    Recommendation wanted for deep 12U chassis

    I am looking for a deep 12U chassis for Dell PowerEdge R630 and other stuff. I've managed to find the following: 12U Server Rack/Cabinet - 29in Depth | Knock-Down Server Rack with Casters | StarTech.com Looking for other suggestions to short list.
  5. T

    Rack server for machine learning - multi-user GPUs

    Hi, I have built and used successfully a home server for machine learning with two GeForce GTX 1060 (6Gb)s. I am now looking to invest in a rack server to run some models and research further, but I am quite stuck. In general, does anyone have a suggestion for a mid/low-range rack server of...
  6. A

    CHENBRO RM41300 in 600x800 mm rack - rails compatability ?

    Hi, i have 32U 600x800 rack, and CHENBRO RM41300 case, now i want to buy the rail, the rails i found is 84H342310-001 Chenbro 20" Rackschienen Kit // Einbauschienen // 84H342310-001 | eBay but i can't find out if this rail will fit in my 600x800 rack, can any one have experience with this...
  7. C

    DIY Rack & Internet Isolated PCs and ESXi VM Host

    Hi All, I am beginning my upgrade adventure on my DIY Home Rack (Modified Lack Rack). The rack itself was a black Lack Coffee table with the shelf installed at the bottom of the legs. The complete lower rack can provides 8U of roll-around rack space. (I will post pictures soon, sorry!) My...
  8. G

    Full height rack - Bolt to wall or floor?

    Folks, I am a novice when it comes to setting up a data center. I have two 42U racks that I need to attach to the building frame. I am in SF Bay Area in the Peninsula in a rented place on the second floor. The room where I intend to set up the racks are carpeted. Given a choice, I would like...
  9. Zack Hehmann

    Server Rack Suggestions

    Hello all, I was looking to get a server rack for the house. I'm putting it in the closet in my office. Unfortunately my closet door is only 23.5 inches wide. Most of all the racks I have looked at are wider than that. I originally was going to build one out of wood and purchase 4 of the 24U...
  10. S

    FS: Unique 17U Sound Dampened Rack

    I have a 17U sound dampened 27" deep rack for sale. It originally housed Philips CT equipment but that was retired and I couldn't let such an interesting creature end up in the trash. Still has a Netgear GS116 switch mounted at the bottom (front) and an odd patch panel in the back consisting...