1. T

    [FS][UK] HOMELAB SALE: 24U APC Rack Cabinet | Ubiquiti Unifi AP/switch | 40G DACs | ++

    Clearing out the old homelab. All items are in used condition. APC NetShelter SX AR3104 24U Rack Cabinet (DELL Branded) Includes some accessories. APC NetShelter SX, Server Rack Enclosure, 24U, Black, 1198.5H x 600W x 1070D mm - AR3104 | APC USA 1 Available | £250 £200 SOLD! Ubiquiti...
  2. T

    Looking for a quiet ATX compatible 4U rack case.

    I am trying to find a 4u rack case to move my old computer to. My problem is that the computer will be pretty mouch always on and it will run in the room I sleep in. Because of that I need a case, that will be as quiet as possible while housing an ATX motherboard, ATX psu and a GTX 1070 founders...
  3. D

    [WTB][US-OH] A rack server with an SAS HBA or RAID controller and honestly any other random homelab stuff you're looking to sell.

    I'm starting from scratch and seeing what I can build in my basement. Hopefully a full cabinet someday. Both Local transactions and shipping would work. Shoot me a message with what you have and price(s). Doesn't have to be high-end but obviously I'd pay more for that. I've wanted for years to...
  4. D

    Rack chassic for "tower like" eATX motherboard

    Good time of day, I'm thinking about buying AMD Epyc 7551P and GIGABYTE MZ31-AR0 (or supermicro H11SSL-i), but the problem is that I just can't find rack chassic for it. Since it's more "tower-like" motherboard - i can't find a way to include riser, so I need some kind of 2U or 3U chassic to...
  5. D

    Rack server chassis advice

    I'm looking for a cheap 4U server chassis with space for 16-24 internal 3.5 hdds. I don't need hot swap or anything fancy like that, just space for my current 14 drives, some future proofed expandability, and my graphics card (hence 4u). Does anyone know of any good alternatives? I'ld also like...
  6. S

    Servers and switches in a single rack

    Hello guys, in my lab I have a rack with depth of 1000mm, with front and back fully accessible, but I cannot access sides because is between a wall and another rack. I put servers in this rack, sliding out on front side and the UPS on bottom. Currently I put the switches on the back side, fixed...
  7. J

    Thoughts on sound "proofing" (dampening) a Startech 4POSTRACK12U

    Hi folks! I've been running my Startech 4POSTRACK12U for a little over a month now. It's housing a Dell Poweredge R730xd (Proxmox host/NAS), a L2 Netgear managed 24 port 1Gb switch, a couple 2U shelves holding up some Cyberpower UPSs and my cable modem, and soon a Supermicro CSE-512F-350B based...
  8. A

    Cheap generic rails?

    Where do you get inexpensive generic sliding 4-post rails? unless its not dell or hp, they are all standard with 3 pins sliding on top?
  9. T

    Recommendation wanted for deep 12U chassis

    I am looking for a deep 12U chassis for Dell PowerEdge R630 and other stuff. I've managed to find the following: 12U Server Rack/Cabinet - 29in Depth | Knock-Down Server Rack with Casters | StarTech.com Looking for other suggestions to short list.
  10. T

    Rack server for machine learning - multi-user GPUs

    Hi, I have built and used successfully a home server for machine learning with two GeForce GTX 1060 (6Gb)s. I am now looking to invest in a rack server to run some models and research further, but I am quite stuck. In general, does anyone have a suggestion for a mid/low-range rack server of...
  11. A

    CHENBRO RM41300 in 600x800 mm rack - rails compatability ?

    Hi, i have 32U 600x800 rack, and CHENBRO RM41300 case, now i want to buy the rail, the rails i found is 84H342310-001 Chenbro 20" Rackschienen Kit // Einbauschienen // 84H342310-001 | eBay but i can't find out if this rail will fit in my 600x800 rack, can any one have experience with this...
  12. C

    DIY Rack & Internet Isolated PCs and ESXi VM Host

    Hi All, I am beginning my upgrade adventure on my DIY Home Rack (Modified Lack Rack). The rack itself was a black Lack Coffee table with the shelf installed at the bottom of the legs. The complete lower rack can provides 8U of roll-around rack space. (I will post pictures soon, sorry!) My...
  13. G

    Full height rack - Bolt to wall or floor?

    Folks, I am a novice when it comes to setting up a data center. I have two 42U racks that I need to attach to the building frame. I am in SF Bay Area in the Peninsula in a rented place on the second floor. The room where I intend to set up the racks are carpeted. Given a choice, I would like...
  14. Zack Hehmann

    Server Rack Suggestions

    Hello all, I was looking to get a server rack for the house. I'm putting it in the closet in my office. Unfortunately my closet door is only 23.5 inches wide. Most of all the racks I have looked at are wider than that. I originally was going to build one out of wood and purchase 4 of the 24U...
  15. S

    FS: Unique 17U Sound Dampened Rack

    I have a 17U sound dampened 27" deep rack for sale. It originally housed Philips CT equipment but that was retired and I couldn't let such an interesting creature end up in the trash. Still has a Netgear GS116 switch mounted at the bottom (front) and an odd patch panel in the back consisting...