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    Component Recommendations for Proxmox Homelab with TrueNAS and Various Applications

    Hello everyone, I'm in the process of setting up my own homelab and would greatly appreciate your recommendations and advice. Below, I provide the details and requirements of my project: Goals and Essential Requirements: Homelab Server with Proxmox: I want to create an environment to learn...
  3. K

    Where do you store your lab equipment?

    Hi there, Here in Bulgaria, in the middle of the street we have metal boxes which hosts ISP telecom active equipment. Yeah they have ventilation holes, but hey - when outside is almost 40C degrees, do they are able to cool down? I'm not sure.. Do you have the same in your countries? Have you...
  4. K

    Supermicro CSE-847 DC PSU Compatibility

    Good evening everyone, I was hoping someone here could possibly tell me if a Supermicro CSE-847BE1C-R1K28LPB would be compatible with a PWS-1K11P-1R -48vdc PSU? I've contacted Supermicro directly and have basically gotten the basic "It's the PWS-1k11P-1R is a direct swap for the PWS-1K28P-SQ...
  5. B

    Help deciding new homelab build

    So, I'm planning to renew a bit my current server to try to save some electricity and improve performance a bit (single thread performance is suffering). I've been mulling over this for quite a while, but a post on reddit about downsizing/reducing electricity gave me a bit of a push so I wanted...
  6. C

    Building my first homelab server! Help would be appreciated!

    So i recently i've gotten into learning networking and cloud, and would like to have my own private server/cloud instead of paying google/amazon and all the rest of cloud based softwares. I've looked into synology and qnap for nas, but for the price of them I realized i could just build my own...
  7. K

    Semi-budget homelab

    I am planning on making a homelab using older business mini towers as the servers to run services. The goals are to self-host everything, have 10 gig and learn. My infrastructure layout was a machine for each of these functions: dns, router, nas, IoT server, game server, and mail/web server. I...
  8. N

    Tiny homelab Cluster as homelab

    Hey guys, after starting a new job and getting interested about Cluster, shared storage etc. I still can't decide how to start my homelab for testing and maybe some things like a private cloud, Bitwarden etc. and use one of the nodes as a firewall if possible. What I want: low form factor...
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    AU COMPLETED | [WTB] 2nd/3rd Gen EPYC 48-64core with 512GB RAM

    Hello my fellow STH enthusiasts! I've been spending weeks trying to research a replacement build for my current 1st Gen EPYC(7551p/256GB RAM) as I have outgrown this. I was wondering if anyone had below spec'ed parts for grabs. Perfect opportunity(excuse) for you to upgrade to Milan or Genoa...
  10. D

    Canada Sold !

    Sold !
  11. G

    FS (PA, US): Lenovo workstation servers (D30, S30) with tons of RAM

    Lenovo Thinkstation D30: 2x E5-2603 $300 + RAM + shipping Lenovo Thinkstation S30: 1x Xeon E5-1620 $100 + RAM + shipping Working well, just don't need this kind of capacity at home any more. Amazing home servers--load them up with RAM and SSDs to your heart's content. I have gobs of 16GB...
  12. T

    R86s Router

    I recently stumbled upon some offerings for a Router called "R86s" on aliexpress. (They seem to even have an official product page at R86S) It looks like it would be great for a small homelab. It's a small Firewall Appliance featuring: * Intel N5105 or N6005 Processor * 8 or 16gb Ram * 128gb...
  13. D

    Choice of HP vs Lenovo SFF for ESXi

    Hi I can get used machines from my workplace. My goal is to use one of those for a homelab ESXi server. My price for both is identical. The specs are similar but not exactly and now I'm seeking advice/experience to make the best choice. The specs I have for the actual contenders are...
  14. D

    [WTB][US-OH] A rack server with an SAS HBA or RAID controller and honestly any other random homelab stuff you're looking to sell.

    I'm starting from scratch and seeing what I can build in my basement. Hopefully a full cabinet someday. Both Local transactions and shipping would work. Shoot me a message with what you have and price(s). Doesn't have to be high-end but obviously I'd pay more for that. I've wanted for years to...
  15. M

    NVMe options for homelab

    So I recently acquired a new server for my lab, now I'm debating on storage options. I'm looking for around 2TB, also nothing mission critical is planned on this machine, hence a single SSD would be enough for now. Since price difference between SATA and NVME is negligible and SAS (12G) is...
  16. A

    Starter HomeServer Recommendation

    I want to created a Home Server/Home Lab most likely running some hypervisor to easily spin up VMs. What system would be recommended in the $300-$500 range that would be best. I'm looking to buy new and ideally prebuilt, but could build a PC if it made sense.
  17. I

    Searching Gigabyte server in europe

    Hi, So as you might have seen with the title of this post, i would like to find Gigabyte server for my friend (or for me if it's not too expensive). Unfortunately, i live in europe (in France near Paris) and when i search on ebay for Gigabyte server i don't find many. Do you have any website...
  18. bilbo1337

    Any more ideas for my homelab? My server can take a bit more computing

    So far my server at home is running as a file server, torrent server, media server, and random desktop instance. All of this really isn't taking much resources and I feel like I'm wasting the server's potential. I've thought about nextcloud, pfsense, game server, but I suppose I'll need to brush...
  19. I

    Network setup and gear help

    Hi all! I'm looking to get rid of my current AIO and go with a more managed approach to the home network. Here is what I'm thinking of doing: I have three questions for the parts list: While the Intel I350T4V2 NIC looks great, is it overkill for what I'm wanting to do? I want to make sure...
  20. V

    EU WTB: Mellanox SX6036 FDR Infiniband Switch

    Hello again! Probably should have consolidated the FS and WTB ads in one post but for clarity I figured I'd post twice. If you're here from my FS post, I am looking for the above equipment. Does anyone have one for sale? Please let me know. Happy new year!