AU COMPLETED | [WTB] 2nd/3rd Gen EPYC 48-64core with 512GB RAM

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New Member
Aug 15, 2021
Sydney, Australia
Hello my fellow STH enthusiasts!

I've been spending weeks trying to research a replacement build for my current 1st Gen EPYC(7551p/256GB RAM) as I have outgrown this. I was wondering if anyone had below spec'ed parts for grabs. Perfect opportunity(excuse) for you to upgrade to Milan or Genoa and sell me your older kit.

CPU: AMD EPYC 2nd/3rd Gen (looking for 48-64 core count per CPU)

Motherboard: Not too fussy, preferably has 10GBe NIC, but not a dealbreaker

RAM: 512 gigs of ecc ddr4 ram (slower RAMs are OK as well, this is for homelab)

Thank you for viewing the post. I didn't want to put specific models in the post, as I am flexible (this is a homelab build).