1. dtrv


    These are cheaper than what I have seen last weeks for 800 GB. Counter offer for 4 drives was USD180 each. STEC Z16IZF2E-800UCZ ZEUS - IOPS ZEUSIOPS SAS 800GB - 2.5" SOLID STATE DRIVE SSD | eBay Maybe someone wants to mention some specs because I don't know these STEC drives.
  2. svtkobra7

    SuperMicro SC836 HDD Temps Too High / Fan Replacements / Your Experiences?

    Hi, As my first foray into a non-COTS server, I purchased a used SuperMicro Super Chassis SC836E16-R1200B via ebay. Having sold my QNAP NAS appliances to offset the cost, I was left with 16 HGST Deskstar NAS HDDs - 6TB that needed to be repurposed. I spent considerable time researching and...
  3. james23

    200gb Enterprise SSDs 59$ - HGST and Samsungs - HUSSL4020ALF400 and MZ-3S92000

    I have my standard HGST SSD ebay alerts running and came across this deal today: 59$ obo (+$14 ship , +$2.5 ship for each addtl, so real deal is at qty 2 +) - 200gb HGST Enterprise SSD FIBER CHANNEL (not sas nor SATA ) - hgst model: HUSSL4020ALF400 Hitachi HGST 200GB FC Fibre Channel 3.5"...
  4. N

    "New" HGST Coolspin 4TB $105

    New HGST 4TB Coolspin 64MB SATA III 3.5" Hard Drive -PC/Mac, CCTV DVR ,NAS, RAID | eBay Are these really new drives as claimed do you think? If so, a great deal at $26 per TB shipped. Are they even made anymore? I'm afraid that it might be another front for GoHardDrive where they peddle...
  5. RandyC

    Dell C6100 used for openstack cluster.

    I have a C6100 that I want to setup with Openstack. The only decision holding me back right now is HDD / SSD choice. Should I get some inexpensive 2TB HGST drives that have been dumped on ebay recently? Or should I get 8 Intel DC S3500 drives? (Or should I get a mix of both?) Does anyone one...
  6. Patrick

    HGST HUSML4040ASS600 - 400GB SAS - $160

    More 7PB+ write endurance 400GB SSDs for around $160 HP 400GB 6Gb/s 2.5 SAS SSD HP710487-002 HRLP0400S5xnNMLC HP M6710 512 Block Size Not quite the $125 pricing we saw last week but still some of the best pricing we have seen.
  7. C


    As title, i have 4 HP oem hgst husmm8040ass204 for sell HGST HUSMM8040ASS204 400GB interface: sas 3.0 (12gb/s) Quantity: 4 price: 1000 usd (250 * 4) item in Hong Kong
  8. F1ydave

    Debating between HGST and WD RE4 for NAS, looking for opinions

    I was going to build a NAS, but then I saw this for sale the other day for about 10% off Amazon pricing, the other day. Reviews were good, basically its a Synology with a cheaper web UI, built by Asus. The things I liked were the dual gigabit, usb 3.0, eSata, HDMI (not that I would every need...
  9. I

    Thoughts on reliability of Seagate Enterprise SATA drives for RAID?

    Seagate consumer SATA drives have a bad-to-mixed impression as we all know, depending on model. I recently got my hands on a lightly used (~4k hrs) Seagate Enterprise Capacity 6TB (SATA) drive, with all the bells and whistles (2M hour MTBF, AFR of 0.44%, URE of 1 per 10E15 and 5-year warranty)...