1. A

    Help Quieting My Supermicro Servers

    So I have two Supermicro servers, a 1U and a 4U. I just want to reduce the noise a bit. It's mostly the fan wall that is in them. Ideally I'd like to replace them with a quiet fan like Noctuas. I'm not worried about the power supplies at the moment, it's mainly the fan walls I want to get...
  2. M

    Questions about NAS-OS and Networks

    Hey all, Hope everyone is having a great week so far. I have been reading STH for some time but never had anything to contribute as most people here are much more knowledgeable than me, In fact, I have 0 IT background. So, this is my first post on this lovely forum, I hope I don't break too...
  3. E

    Only sees 1 HDD of 6 when connect DL380P 12xSFF backplane to LSI 9207-8i

    Hello STH, I recently bought a 12xLFF backplane detached from the DL380P with a SAS expander chip. When I tried to connect it to the LSI 9207-8i I used before, I found that after entering Windows Server 2016, only one of the 6 hard drives I inserted was recognized. The strange thing is that in...
  4. anything1233

    Looking for someone in the US to reship a small item to Europe ASAP

    The seller of an item I want doesn’t do international shipping, so I’m looking for someone in the US that might help me to reship it to Europe. Kind of ASAP. If anyone had positive experience with a reshipping company, please suggest one — the majority do seem shady to me, from vague monthly...
  5. G

    Need help debugging strange network speeds

    Setup: Dell R620 with 10Gb RJ45 running proxmox (Kratos) Custom Server with 10Gb SFP+ LC Fiber Connection (Notch) Synology RS1221 with Synology 10Gb RJ45 NIC (Vault) Iperf3 Tests Summary Kratos -> Notch or Vault | 10Gb Notch -> Vault | 10Gb Vault -> Notch | 10Gb Notch or Vault -> Kratos | 4Gb...
  6. T

    Any info about how to start developing a simple ticket management / inventory system?

    Hello, I want to try my hand at developing a repair ticket management and inventory system. This would be for a demo project for one of my courses. I have used products like RepairQ and RepairDesk, and this project will have similar functionality to those platforms. I have noticed that...
  7. T

    Is there ANY way for me apply forms of port security to unmanaged switches?/ ANSWERED

    So I am a college student and for a project, I am very interested in whether or not there is ANY way for me to apply port security settings to the ports of an unmanaged switch. I realized that unmanaged switches do not have any sort of interface in which to naturally do this, unlike managed...
  8. bryan_v

    How to change profile pic on forum

    Quick question, how do you add a profile picture on the STH forums. I seem to only be able to set the cover background. Cheers, Bryan
  9. A

    Fiber certification?

    Hey there STH community, I watched the 288 Fiber Housing video and really enjoyed it. I noticed there was some technology I wasn't familiar with. I have the CompTIA trifecta along with a CCNA, but those certifications covered things like MTP/MPO fiber technology. What certification might...
  10. P

    Struggling to get Proxmox booting via NVME on a SuperMicro server .. all help appreciated

    So in need of help with this SuperMicro server X10DRU-i+ | Motherboards | Products | Super Micro Computer, Inc. I’ve been googling about booting from an NVME and found this article - FAQ Entry | Online Support | Support - Super Micro Computer, Inc. It seems I have to set the PCI-E slots to EFI...
  11. A

    Powervault MD3220i

    I haven’t used a powervault before. I got this one for very cheap and I am not sure if that was because it is bad. On boot the controllers light up the battery indicator, and it runs like that for 5 mins and then the battery light turns off and the fans ramp up to full power. Also the MDSM...
  12. Y

    Asus computer stuck in boot utility: ez mode

    ASUS Laptop my computer is in boot utility ez mode and it looks like tis, but im not a computer expert so i was wondering if there were smth wrong with this bios setting? and it happend while my fren was browsing through youtube and the blue screen of death appeared and needed restart and...
  13. D

    Question about QSFP+ compatibility for CRS354-48G-4S+2Q+RM switch

    I just recently purchased the MikroTik CRS354-48G-4S+2Q+RM switch to expand my server's networking capabilities. However I have seem to run into compatibility issues. The switch wiki says it only supports transceivers/cables made by MikroTik, I already bought cables from and I can't find...
  14. C

    No post, no dr debug, no beep. Rack EPYC D8-2T w/ EPYC 7282

    Good day all, First time here, but no stranger to fora. (got referred from, and been watching a couple video's on youtube from STH). So . . . i'm having an issue. (strange huh?) I bought an Asrock Rack EPYC D8-2T, as its specs look great, i don't really need Gen 4.0 PCI-E so...
  15. J

    Xeon Gold/Platinum QS/ES LGA3647 in a Asus Z11PA-D8

    I have an Asus Z11PA-D8 and I will like to try two QS Xeon processors, does anyone have a similar setup working? For what I was able to find, the only reference is this one
  16. E

    Supermicro X10DRU-i+: How to power addtional SSDs

    Hi guys, I recently acquired a few U.2 NVMe SSDs which I intend to add to my CSE-829U X10DRU-i+ System. I connected them to AOC-SLG3-2E4 adapter card, and only then did I realize that there is not a single SATA power port on the motherboard. Nor could I find a molex connector. Now, supermicro...
  17. J

    Where are the best places that I can study about servers and cloud services?

    Recently (Some days ago) I started researching about servers and cloud services because of a cloud gaming project that I want to do, but I don't know where I start learning about servers and cloud services. I liked this website, but I think this site is more focused on reviewing and these...
  18. B

    [Solved ]Supermicro X9DBU-iF and 10G PCI-e NIC detection

    Case was solved by adding a second CPU. --- Hi, I own a Supermicro X9DBU-iF board (up-to-date BMC/BIOS) with a rsc-r1uu-ue16 riser. I am trying to make it detect an Intel XL710-BM1 Quad-Port 10G SFP+ PCIe 3.0 x8 NIC and/or an Intel 82599ES Dual-Port 10G SFP+ PCIe 2.0 x8 (up to date firmware)...
  19. C

    Help! ConnectX-4 Lx Not Working in Windows 10

    I'm having major issues with getting windows 10 version 2004 to work with my ConnectX-4 Lx EN Mellanox NIC and would appreciate any help you could provide to get this card working on my gaming rig! Running windows 10 pro, version 2004. Updated FW on card with mlxconfig. Installed latest OFED2...
  20. N

    Chelsio NIC part numbers(FAB code) meaning?

    Hi, I am trying to make some sense from Chelsio (T540-CR) part numbers (FAB numbers) In particular: 110-1168-50 C0 110-1178-50 A0 110-1200-50 A0 I cannot find any information on this matter on google. As I understand this is chip revision? How I should read it? Greater number newer or vise...