Voltaire 30035/4036E-LM (low memory version) newb questions

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Feb 3, 2017
I recently bought a brand new Voltaire 30035/4036E-LM (low memory version) and have a few general questions that I haven't seen asked or answered.

How do I save my running config on the switch to itself (unfortunately I'm not able to run it 24/7), I did a reload thinking it'd save the config and reboot and it rebooted from factory defaults again...

Is there anyway to specifically set port speeds on the switch itself, on the mellanox 4036 [mts3600] that I have you can use a web gui or connect a console cable to use cli to set port speeds)

If I'm interested in updating the switch to a later firmware is the 4036E firmware compatible with the 4036E-LM?

the SFP+ up-link ports (seem to) recognize the 1g rj45 sfp adapters in it
4036E-1F9C# cable-config show
Port 1: Not present
Port 34: Not present
Port eth1:Length 0m Vendor Name: Mellanox Code: Copper 100 Vendor PN: MC3208411-T Vendor Rev: A1 Vendor SN: N/A
Port eth2:Length 0m Vendor Name: Methode Elec. Code: Copper 100 Vendor PN: SP7041-HPB-3-R Vendor Rev: - Vendor SN: N/A​

I'm a semi lazy paranoid home enthusiast network admin,
in other words I plan to use IPoIB for most of my needs is there anything that I should be aware of to make life easier?

I set the IP address and did a "ip-address show" and had an undocumented field
>internal subnet prefix:
it was something like that, switch isn't on so I cant copy the output ATM...

on a side note I found a seller on eBay selling 10G SFP+ rj45 nics Items in w3e30us store on eBay!
I have 4 mellanox QSA (Qsfp to Sfp Adapters) and have one or 2 PCs with 10G ethernet onboard NICs there is a listing 2nd from the bottom for MSA (multi source agreement) 10G NICs any reason why the shouldn't work?

Is there any 4k MTU/jumbo frames that I can configure on this switch?