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    EU offer: import small items from the US to Europe

    Hi there, I have some low thousand USD on my PayPal account (which comes from Xeons Gold sale). Due to unfavorable exchange rates from USD to CZK, it's better for me to spend this money in the US and export purchased items to Europe. I am offering splitting shipping costs from the US to...
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    New Brocade ICX7250-24P

    Hello, I think this is a good deal as seller accepted 220 Euro for new Brocade ICX7250-24P. Brocade 24 Rack Mountable Ports Managed Switch, ICX7250-24P-2X10G 2x1Gigabit | eBay Greetings, Tomek
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    Since there is no new member introduction sticky...

    ... you'll have to deal with me making a new personal thread - because I consider introducing myself good manners. My name is BlackHole and I'm a certified nerd. I've been a long time lurker and decided to come clear. Initially I came here for the excellent information at STH and found an...
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    EU WTB: Intel DC 3710/3700/35xx, NVMe SSDs, DDR3 RDIMMs, SAS SSDs and RAID/HBA cards

    Hi! I'm in Europe and buying for a lab being built for my US employer. Unfortunately VAT registration is not going as fast as it should and we want to double-hit our wallets with both VAT (which we should be refunded but I dont see this happening) and USD->EUR exchange. US based sellers more...
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    Cheap DIY JBOD short depth enclosures in Europe?

    Looking for a chassis that I can work in for a DIY JBOD DAS... in Europe (UK is OK too though I prefer EUR shops because of the rates). It must be short depth since I have maximum 47cm between posts front/back in my cabinet. 2U, 3U is fine.
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    Short depth chassis for E-ATX (Asus Z9PED8-WS) and SSI CEB (Supermicro X8DTL-iF and co)

    Hi! I'm located in SW Europe right now and I have to rebuild my homelab. Currently I have a Asus Z9PED8-WS motherboard housed in a massive Lian Li case with two E5-2600 v2 CPUs and 64GB ECC. I want to move it to my new 60cm rack cabinet, in a proper enclosure that maximizes storage options for...