1. A

    Chelsio nic goes down after ~5 minutes

    Hi, I got two used Chelsio 110-1160-50 T520-CR nics off ebay. One of them seems to work fine. The other works as expected, but after about 5 - 10 minutes, suddenly goes down. That is to say, in Freenas it reports as “down” in the interfaces menu, and in Windows it shows “Network cable...
  2. N

    Chelsio NIC part numbers(FAB code) meaning?

    Hi, I am trying to make some sense from Chelsio (T540-CR) part numbers (FAB numbers) In particular: 110-1168-50 C0 110-1178-50 A0 110-1200-50 A0 I cannot find any information on this matter on google. As I understand this is chip revision? How I should read it? Greater number newer or vise...
  3. Alfa147x

    US-CA: WTS Half Low profile bracket for Dell Chelsio T520-CR T520-SO-CR T420-CR HTTG1 card

    I have the following for sale: 3x Half Low profile bracket for Dell Chelsio T520-CR T520-SO-CR T420-CR HTTG1 card $5 + shipping/Each With Screws Images - Link Dell Chelsio T520-CR // J6VY6 $80 + Shipping SOLD I painted the LP bracket black. I'll include a fresh clean LP bracket. I'll...
  4. J

    Chelsio T422-CR Half working..

    Hello, (Mods, please move this if in wrong category) I have 2x Chelsio T422-CR NICs installed in my esx hosts. Both hosts are on the same patch level of 6.5. I have installed 6.5 Chelsio T5/T4 VIB and all interfaces appear. I have set both adapters to esxi mode using CLI tool. Now...
  5. D

    Has anyone ever got SR-IOV working with Chelsio T420-CR on Hyper-V 2016/2019?

    Google unfortunately is not my best friend when it comes to the Chelsio T420-CR cards, effectively zero information regarding configuring these cards on Windows, plenty information for Linux though. I have been unable to get SR-IOV to work, also VMQ doesn't appear to work on Hyper-V Windows...
  6. J

    10Gbe Home Fibre Network

    Hi everyone, I've been trying to setup a home fibre network today however I have encountered a problem. The network looks like this: Chelsio N320-E --》Ubiquiti MMU SFP+ Tranciever --》 SC - LC MM Fibre Cable -- HPE 5406zl(J8436A - SC X2 transciever) The problem I've got is I can't establish a...
  7. scurrier

    It works! - Chelsio T520-CR and MikroTik S+RJ10 10GBASE-T Module

    I just got into 10GbE hardware thanks to @fohdeesha and his great tip on the Brocade ICX switches. I got a Chelsio T520-CR 2-port NIC and am using it in my FreeNAS machine. I am happy to report that the Mikrotik S+RJ10 transceiver that I bought for use in the Brocade ICX switch also works in...
  8. S

    A small 10gbe home network. Need a advice.

    Hello everybody I plan to upgrade my home network to 10 gbps (and I'm a bit noob on this issue) And that's why I plan to buy several network cards with FPS + from eBay based on which I want to create a PC router. What adapters can you recommend? For no problem working in windows 10 / server 2012...
  9. Z

    FS: Chelsio 2x10GBps SPF+

    Hello, I have a Chelsio S320E 110-1082-31 dual port 10GBps PCI-E FC HBA. I am currently working on setting up a 40GBps lab, so cleaning out some older hardware. (Many RAID cards coming soon)! $50 +actual shipping (I'll throw in a gift!) $50 +actual shipping (I'll throw in a gift!)
  10. A

    Compatible SFR & Optics for Chelsio N320E-SR?

    Hi, Short Version : i am looking fro compatible SFR & Optics for Chelsio N320E-SR? any recommendation? Detail version: I am new to 10gbe and trying to build my first pfsence router, aim is pfsence will be DHCP and gateway for my all WAN 1Gbt and internal LAN 10Gbt. My WAN is 100 UP/100 down...
  11. Patrick

    Chelsio T420-BT (dual port 10Gbase-T NIC)

    If you are building a FreeNAS / pfSense or FreeBSD based storage or networking appliance and wanted 10Gbase-T this would be a top pick for me at $110 OBO each Chelsio T420-BT Dual Port 10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000Base-T PCI Express 2.0 Copper Very inexpensive and many remaining. Better than this...