Compatible SFR & Optics for Chelsio N320E-SR?


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Jan 7, 2017
Stockholm, Sweden

Short Version :

i am looking fro compatible SFR & Optics for Chelsio N320E-SR? any recommendation?

Detail version:

I am new to 10gbe and trying to build my first pfsence router, aim is pfsence will be DHCP and gateway for my all WAN 1Gbt and internal LAN 10Gbt. My WAN is 100 UP/100 down and 2x OPenVPN connection to 2 different VPN providers.

Internal 10gbe network will be primarily used for storing backup on my two Nas4Free system and watching 1080P/4k recorded videos.

I pre-owned

Gigabyte -F2A85X-D3H

AMD A10 7700K quad Core


Intel 1000 ET Quad Port Server Adapter

I just bought 4 dual port 10Gbe Chelsio N320E-SR.

and separately bought Duplex Patch Cable LC/LC OM4 1M for the Chelsio.

Motherboard setup will be

1 PCIEX16 -> Chelsio N320E-SR

1PCIEX4 -> Intel 1000 ET

3 PCIEX1 -?


the first problem I am facing is that I thought Chelsio N320E-SR (ebay)comes along with SFR (but they didn’t), now I needs to know which SFR I should buy while keeping the cost down.

or should even I go with SFP or consider DAC instead ?

Secondly I want to add another chelsio or another Intel 1000 ET Quad in the 3 spare PCIEX1, is there any such cable/adapter which can join 3 PCIEX1 slots?

third, will my process can handle the pfscence load?

In future I want to buy the Ubiquiti Beta EdgeSwitch ES-16-XG (problem is delivery to Sweden). beta is over. for now by Ubiquiti.

I like your hear your suggestion and opinions.

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