1. M

    WiFi Planning and Optimization on the Cheap?

    I currently have Ubiquiti wireless in my house, two WAPs: U6-Pro and AC-Pro. The controller is running on a Proxmox LXC container. Everything works fine as far as I can tell. However, I stumbled across this thread, Ruckus Wireless as an Unifi alternative? and got a bad case of upgrade-itis...
  2. C

    EXPIRED Cheap 32GB 3200 RegECC Memory Bundles

    Hi, I found on ebay that one Chinese seller sells SK-Hynix 32G DDR4 3200 Reg ECC bundles for pretty cheap. Here is is the link: Prices are: Amount Price single Price 2x 71 € 142 € 4x 58 € 230 € 8x 57 € 450 €
  3. C

    Please help me pick a server or MB with lots of PCI-E.

    I would like to set up a server for AI/inference. Already have some GPUs. An RX580 and a P40. I couldn't get the P40 running in any of my other systems due to incompatibility. I will eventually get more GPU as my budget allows. They will be high vram GPUs like more P40s or 3090, etc. I was set...
  4. J

    Cheap 8+ ports sfp+ - low noise

    Whats the cheapest 10gig sfp+ switch you can get these days? Needs 8 ports minimum, low noise. Can be a stupid non-manageable switch. Will only be used for iscsi network. -Jannis
  5. F

    You are going to think I am insane but...

    I am planning on building my own 4 port 40 Gb Infiniband, 2 Port 10 Gb SFP+, 1 Port 10 GbE Switch after watching an article on how to do so on the net, brilliantly cheap way of getting really high speed transfers between my soon to be Storage server and my two clients. I brought 8 MHQH19B-XTR's...
  6. L

    MikroTik 10GbE x 16 port SFP+ L2 Switch - $268.88 [best offer] @ eBay

    (eBay) New CRS317-1G-16S+RM Cloud Router Switch Mikrotik, 16x SFP+, 1x Gbit Lan Best offered $265, seller counteroffered at $268.88. For my needs I think this switch is awesome - it's super low power (like, double digits afaik). So, you could grab a sweet used Brocade/Dell/etc for a steal...
  7. P

    Cheap LGA2011 (v1) systems and more

    Hello, I have stumbled on a nice seller on ebay - supposedly goverment overstock. Looking for some cheap 2011 boards I have found a whole system for cheaper :) Dell Precision T3600 - 158 US !! - 5 pcs - Ready to go, 4C Xeon, 8G RAM, HDD - Upgrade to E5-2670 and 128G RAM (4*32) is possible Dell...
  8. S

    FreeNas Home tight budget system

    Hi STH community! I'm struggling deciding what to do about an home server with different purposes. The real purpose of the system is to serve as a backup server in sync with my other systems (I was thinking of using Nextcloud). A large hdd would be used as a media/download bucket for torrent...
  9. SCCMguy

    Hyper-v SCCM lab

    Looking to build a Hyper-V workstation that could handle: a domain controller (2Gb ram) Primary site and sql server (24GB) 2 window 7 machines (2gb ram) I'm needing help on the cpu,motherboard, and ram selection. Trying to stay under $550 for the before mentioned. I'm all for buying parts from...