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    SOLD - ASRock Rack E3C246D4U2-2T w/ Intel Xeon E-2246G & 4x16GB ECC Ram

    All sold. I am letting go of a way, way overpowered (for my purposes as an OPNSense/firewall) set of bundle of components, namely an ASRock Rack E3C246D4U2-2T board Just the board, no accessories like I/O shield.. I bought it like that on /r/homelabsales (as far as I remember) and has been...
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    ASRock Rack ROMED8-2T Motherboard has thousands critical_interrupt BMC event log entries?

    I just put together a new system and, as soon as I put a PCIe 4.0 x4 M.2 adapter card in it (this one: AORUS Gen4 AIC Adaptor Key Features | Solid State Drive (SSD) - GIGABYTE Global#kf), the event log in the BMC sees a few messages per second stating the BIOS sensor reporting.. something? I am...
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    Do any AsRockRack motherboard support v1.35 DDR4 voltages?

    Browsing thru their website for an AM4 motherboard for my next NAS build for home. I need it to support unbuffered DDR4 and v1.35 voltages - looks like I am out of luck?
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    Never Say Never!

    My never ending journey to build a compact server with as much compute power as I can fit! The other mandate is it couldn't be just another "beige box" The beginning: Why not make it round? Based on a supermicro xeon-D second gen motherboard 2146nt 8c cpu with a lot of onboard ethernet ports...
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    how do you turn off pci nic oprom during boot on asrock rack

    Most MBs have a way of shutting off the boot from nic option in the bios. I haven't been able to find that option with some new asrock rack MBs. I went through most of the bios and still could not find a way to turn it off. It cycle through all of the pci nics with the flex boot configuration...
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    mini-itx 28c and dual 100GE

    Just finished my raptor extreme project. intel platinum 28c, mellanox connectx-5 dual 100GE nic in a custom sff mini-itx case: Imgur silent, powerful, and not ugly!!! jp next project: epyc rome 64c, supermicro proprietary mb, pcie 4.0, mellanox connectx-6 dual 100GE pcie 4.0 nic in an even...