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    Switching 15 bays from SATA to SAS

    Here's my setup... - LSI 9201-16e - 2 external 8088 cables - 2 IBM expanders (each 3x6G SAS for 12 disks) - 24bay SC846 My snapraid sync speed can reach 1500MByte/s with 21data+2parity (3-5TB).
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    Flash M1015 to IT mode: error: Firmware Host Boot Failed

    I think these ways of flashing are all a pain in the.. I prefer using Megaraid Storage Manager for Windows :) This only works if the card still shows up in Windows of course.
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    mikrotik meris botnet?

    I was new to Mikrotik routers a few months ago. Got one that was outdated and without firewall rules. Had to update packages and firmware (quite hidden). Then reset to default and finally got a good set of firewall rules. I can only recommend MT to advanced users (time to learn).
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    Huawei S1720X-32XWR managed switch power consumption & noise?

    Innovative Energy-Saving Design - The S1700 supports Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE), which enables the switch to enter a power-saving mode when traffic is light. - The S1700 can adjust the power output for transmissions based on the cable length. It can also set any ports that are not...
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    Megaraid IBM M5016 Power on, reset, or bus device reset occurred / Diagnostics failed for PD/ PD error

    Did you ever find out what was going on here? I have a LSI hardware raid6 with 17 1TB SATA disks in a Netapp DS4243. Only the two Samsung HD103SI cause the "Power on, reset, or bus device reset occurred". In my case the raid doesn't break though :)
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    Connect ASR-78165 and netapp DS4246

    What disk size and type? Netapp disks can have strange formating ( 520 byte sectors ).
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    Connect ASR-78165 and netapp DS4246

    My LSI 9285CV-8e raid adapter saw the disks in a netapp DS4243 immediately. Using 1x QSFP to SFF-8088 cable from China.
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    NetApp DS2246 + HBA? with RAID options?

    What was the result? I'm thinking of using a LSI 9285cv-8e for my DS4243.
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    Fujitsu D2616-A12 GS 4 SAS card flash to IT mode possible?

    Hi From my 3min research... 6Gb/s SAS ports PCI Express 2.0 x8 LSISAS2108 6Gb/s RAID-on-Chip 512MB 800MHz DDRII cache memory Optional Battery Backup Unit (BBU) LSI 2108 flash to HBA might be possible, please read the forum for details cu
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    LSI/AVAGO 9267-8i 512MB - newbee need help with initialization hard drives under windows 10

    Hi, are you still having problems? Do you boot from the disks connected to the sas controller? Did the post screen messages go away after switching the card? Do you want to make a raid or JBOD? Did you update your mainboard bios? Did you try a different PCIe slot?
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    Can I use HGST 8TB SAS3 disks in a SC846A?

    Hi Been using a SC846A for a while with: - LSI 9201-16e - 2x IBM expander - 20 SATA disks (2-5TB NTFS+Snapraid) Found an auction for 10x used HGST 8TB SAS3, about $120 each. (Sektoren:4KB mit Emulation (512e)Drehzahl:7.2K) I'm guessing they're from a SUN server. Would these disks work in my...
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    HP DL380G6

    update to the latest bios/rom/powermanagement if you haven't already.. might help
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    Mikrotik compatible with Brocade 57-0000075-01 transceivers?

    Hi I'm quite new to optical networking. Can I use these cheap transceivers with the modern Mikrotik gear? Garsent 10G SFP Fiber transceiver module for Brocade Fiber transceiver module 10GE SR SFP + 57-0000075-01 850nm thanks
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    Mellanox ConnectX-3 - DL360G8 - PCIe slots

    My SC846 has 20 SATA disks (Snapraid for parity). First I used an old HP SAS expander but then switched to two IBM expanders (12 disks each). So currently I'm only using half of the 9201-16e SAS ports. I would have a NetApp DS4243 lying around, but its QSFP connecter annoyed me ;)