Huawei S1720X-32XWR managed switch power consumption & noise?


Jan 22, 2018
Innovative Energy-Saving Design
- The S1700 supports Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE), which enables the switch to enter a power-saving mode when traffic is light.
- The S1700 can adjust the power output for transmissions based on the cable length. It can also set any ports that are not transmitting traffic to sleep mode.
- The models that use a fan-free design reduce power consumption and noise.

Maximum Power Consumption (100% throughput, full speed of fans)
- S1720X-16XWR, S1720X-16XWR-E: 63.1 W
- S1720X-32XWR, S1720X-32XWR-E: 103.6 W

Noise (under normal temperature-sound power)
- S1720X-16XWR, S1720X-16XWR-E: 34.6 dBA
- S1720X-32XWR, S1720X-32XWR-E: 34.6 dBA

Anyone know how much these consume idle?
If 16 ports need 40W... so 2.5W/port, then they should be around 10-20W idle?

And how are the fans?
dynamic or fix?

Are these recommended?
I'm used to Mikrotik for switch/VLAN/SFP+