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    Troubleshooting a network

    I have seen it before on network equipment where both sides will run at different speeds. If you look at the port statistics on the switch (if that's supported) you would see lots of errored packets.
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    Troubleshooting a network

    What two devices are you doing the speed test using? When you do a speed test try checking the interface utilization of all the ports on the switch to see if the data is flowing in/out a port you don't expect.
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    Setting up VLAN for WAN to VM

    The "Version 15.2(3r)E2, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2)" is the bootloader version. This runs after post and initializes the hardware and loads the actual IOS. According to your system image file you are running IOS version 15.2(4)E1.
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    Setting up VLAN for WAN to VM

    That is due to the version of code you are running I found the following snippet in a pdf from cisco "beginning with CiscoIOSRelease 15.2(4)E, or IOS XE 3.8.0E, if you enter the spanning-tree portfast [trunk] command in the global or interface configuration mode, the system automatically...
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    Setting up VLAN for WAN to VM

    I put the explanations with a ! in front after the lines it applies to. Example modem port int gi1/0/1 desc ***1Gig access 666 modem*** !because I like descriptions switchport mode access !setting the interface to be an access port (only 1 vlan) switchport access vlan 666 !setting the...
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    Minimum RAM for dual CPU system?

    You will need at least 1 stick per cpu. So 2 sticks will be the minimum total to test 2 CPU.
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    ESXi stuck loading 'ipmi_si_drv' after RAM install

    Check out this link. How to disable IPMI | VMware Communities It lists how to temporarily disable the ipmi driver so that you can boot. This is what I used and I just have mine disabled.
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    Intel Xeon E5-2670 Deal and Price Tracking

    Are you trying to update using the built in efi?
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    Stacking on Cisco 3750G

    Looks like that second cable isn't recognized. What I would try is reseating the second cable. Then try swapping the first and second cable since we know the first is working. When they are swapped if the second port set starts working then there is a bad cable. If it does not start working then...
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    Any Microsoft Lync experts in the house?

    Any devices on the following page should work Infrastructure qualified for Lync | Office TechCenter A basic gateway will work. The enhanced gateways include an SBA for remote site survivability if they lose connection with the primary site.
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    Any Microsoft Lync experts in the house?

    I'm not an expert. I mostly troubleshoot performance and call quality issues. No add/change/remove stuff. Is there something you need help with?
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    C6100 boards biting the dust at a fast clip...

    I had an issue where some drives went bad and certain nodes wouldn't boot. I removed all the drives and the nodes booted just fine. Have you tried removing the drives?
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    Cisco 3560G-24 no boot screen

    Can you try removing all NIC/SFP cables from the device then rebooting it?