WTB ram and disks.

May 10, 2016
For sale or for trade. Got a good deal on these and was going to run a few different nodes for my VMs but ended up finding one more powerful system that will serve my needs better than several separate nodes. Looking to recoup the cost or score some other items I'm in the market for.

$100 each plus actual shipping cost.
Servers pending sale. Will update if deal falls through. Still in the market for the following items at decent prices.

Willing to do full or partial trades of equal value for:
2tb+ SAS or SATA hard drives
2-10x DDR3 memory 8gb or larger RDIMMS
SAS/SATA or PCI-e SSDs with decent IOPs and endurance
10gb intel or chelsio SFP+ network adapters
2x 2/3u narrow ilp heat sinks
Low power (preferably fabless) gigabit switch with 2-4x sfp+ ports such as TP-Link, ubiquiti, etc (my current quanta lb4m is quite the power hog for what it does)

Accept paypal or cash for local pickup in Milwaukee, WI
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