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    WTB ram and disks.

    For sale or for trade. Got a good deal on these and was going to run a few different nodes for my VMs but ended up finding one more powerful system that will serve my needs better than several separate nodes. Looking to recoup the cost or score some other items I'm in the market for. $100 each...
  2. B

    X9SCL-F with E3-1220v2 and 4x4GB memory hangs under one specific load

    I have home storage server, which was upgraded recently to X9SCL-F MoBo, E3-1220v2 CPU and 4x4G RAM modules (Kingston KTH-PL316ES/4G). MoBo is flashed with latest IPMI firmware (3.38) and BIOS (2.20). PSU is Seasonic G-450 (I know, that it is not server PSU, but it is home server with...