Windows Offline-Files and Napp-it SMB

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    I'm running a Napp-it VM / AIO, and having serious problems getting windows offline files to work without getting a slew of errors. Not every file, but certainly a good chunk of them.

    There were some suggestions made a while ago on how to make Offline Files play nice with LINUX/Samba, but how much of this applies to OmniOS' implementation of SMB? Many of the properties they're modifying don't seem to have a corresponding parameter in the Napp-it menus

    Using Offline Files with Samba / EMC Servers, & NAS Devices

    Also, might this be related to 15018?
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    SAMBA is a completely different beast (also available on Solaris but without a napp-it integration)

    The Solaris ZFS/kernelbased SMB server has overall fewer features and they are ZFS properties or you can use sharectrl (man sharectrl) to setup while SAMBA use a config file. The Solaris SMB server is mostly faster and easier to setup (basically it just works when you set smbshare=on on a filesystem) with unique integration of Windows ntfs alike ACL permissions (supports Windows sid), support of SMB groups additionally to Unix groups to be Windows compatible and ZFS snaps as previous versions out of the box.

    The oplock setting is a setting that you find on all systems, only the default is different. Current OmniOS 151026 sets it to false per default.
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