Upgrading HBA card to sas 6Gbit and adding more storage


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Sep 25, 2019
I'm planning on getting some new drives soon, and after checking what I have I found out I need a new HBA. My current card is a "HP SAS 3801E" (Only sas1, so max 2tb drives) and the one I'm looking to upgrade to is a "LSI SAS9207-8E" (seems to be the card people recommend for sas2?)

My current setup consists of a 15 disk EMC VNX 5000-series DAE, connected to one of the ports on my HBA on my Ibm Server running Windows Server 2012 R2. I have 5 2tb 7,2k emc disks right now in a single "Storage spaces" pool (9tb total) with a single volume F: using ReFS with 7,27tb usable space and the rest used for 1 disk failsafe.

Is the swap over to a new hba as simple as swapping the cards? or will I have to do something to the storage spaces pool? Is it doable without data loss? The disks all showed up as individual disks prior to making the pool.

How should I set up the volume if I add more disks? Can I combine my 5 2tb disks with 4 8tb disks?
A new pool, with it's own parity and extend the volume over both pools? if my 2tb starts dying then?
I'm planning on getting brand new Seagate ironwolf 8tb drives.
I also have a bunch of 600gb 15k disks, would they be useful for something, or are they too small compared to the multi TB drives I'm planning on installing?

This is only used for my plex server and backup storage.
Would it be better to scrape the entire idea, and setup a dedicated box for storage? freenas with ZFS?
It's currently running pretty decent, but I'm running out of space and my "original" (Seagate expansion 4tb) storage is dying and the data needs a new home.