1. F

    Help needed with Samsung SAS SSD PM1633a. Sense key: Hardware Error

    Hi, I have some PM1633a SAS SSDs connected to a LSI9211 in IT mode. The 3.8TB SSD formated to 512 without problems. But the 15TB SSD give me this output in sg3_utils. Any hope for this drive? sg3_utils-1.47cyg64>SG_format --format -v --size 512 PD1 SAMSUNG xxxxxxxx EMC15T3 ESV5...
  2. Z

    [Solved] Mellanox SX6012 u-boot password removal without bash access?

    Does anyone know how to remove the u-boot password on SX6012 without the access to bash? I'm aware of the methods posted by @necr, but I only have access to MLNX-OS 3.5.1006 which doesn't allow to reset the bootmgr pwd from the shell. This is the EMC switch and I converted with the manufacturing...
  3. G

    EU (CLOSED) Giving away broken EMC SX6012 (ES)

    Giving away the possible 'broken' EMC SX6012 from this thread: https://forums.servethehome.com/index.php?threads/mellanox-emc-sx6012-revival-attempt.31343/ . Take note it's an 'Engineering Sample'. The Delta fans are still working. The screws for the case are gone. I will ship the broken 2nd...
  4. R

    Upgrading HBA card to sas 6Gbit and adding more storage

    I'm planning on getting some new drives soon, and after checking what I have I found out I need a new HBA. My current card is a "HP SAS 3801E" (Only sas1, so max 2tb drives) and the one I'm looking to upgrade to is a "LSI SAS9207-8E" (seems to be the card people recommend for sas2?) My current...
  5. Z

    Help Requested - Fibre Channel SAN Setup

    Not my first time posting, but first thread I've started. Sorry if it's in the wrong category. Hardware: All Dell EMC². Product names unknown. 2× CX-ATA-DAE-FD 100-560-521 2× CX-2PDAE-FD 100-560-321 My brother acquired some old Dell EMC² hardware that we intend to turn into a small SAN for...
  6. M

    EMC XtremSF550

    I came across these 500GB SSD cards on ebay and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with them? Can they be used a a traditional SSD drive or are they only good for caching? Genuine EMC XtremSF550 FlashMAX II 550GB PCIe SSD Server Hard Drive M2LP5501A | eBay
  7. F

    EU FS: EMC² VNXe 3150, Dual SP, 6x 3,5" 600GB SAS, 6x 3,5" 2TB NL-SAS

    EMC² VNXe 3150, Dual SP, 6x 3,5" 600GB SAS, 6x 3,5" 2TB NL-SAS Datasheet: http://emc.sharedvue.net/Asset/Get/591/2224/h12943-vnxe3150-vnxe3300-ss?refferer=2563&group=2&url=http://emc.sharedvue.net/sharedvue/iframe/undefined/?sviresizer=www.longviewsystems.com Dual Storage Processors 6x 600GB...
  8. Patrick

    Is anyone on ScaleIO 2.0 yet?

    I just saw the announcement today: ScaleIO | Software-defined Block Storage| EMC Has anyone trialed it or upgraded?