Tesla P4 - 8GB / US$ 100 or even lower

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Nov 21, 2020
I think that any time you have one or more 4 pin fans on those X10 series boards, any connected 3 pin fans tend to run full speed. Do you maybe have a PWM fan on the CPU?
I think you are correct. I do have a PWM fan on the CPU. The other case fans were connected to a fan controller built into the Node 804 and powered by molex (I had forgotten about that).

I ended up moving the GPU to a Gigabyte H270n-wifi ITX board, which only has two 4-pin fan sockets - one for CPU and one for SYS1. The motherboard detects the 3 pin delta fan and automatically allows fan speed control by voltage mode and the CPU socket is still in PWM mode.

how noisy are those blowers?, would it get any better with fans?
I have a this 3-pin 50 mm x 50 mm blower fan and there is a 4-pin PWM version I linked earlier in the thread. Both should fit in that fan shroud. At 100% speed this fan is very loud IMO. Using motherboard voltage control, I titrated the speed to around 55-60% which correlated to around 3600 rpm. At that speed, the fan noise was about the same as the rest of my rack, so I left it there. At idle the card is at 31 deg C per nvidia-smi. I will be testing it later under load. HTH.