Supermicro X9/X10/X11 Fan Speed Control

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Oct 28, 2021
I've since replaced these (Broken?) fans with a silverstone branded one and it's running just fine on the FAN4 header. Can control the speed and everything. I'm leaving the other fans on the separate fan controller just so it doesn't make a ton of noise when it boots up haha.
Glad you got it sorted!


May 11, 2015
FYI, on my X13SAE-F the "standard" fan speed seems to have the SYS headers tied to CPU temp. The SYS headers are behaving just like CPU_FAN1 in that they scale with CPU temp in a 1:1 ratio. As in the past, Optimal and Heavy I/O put the SYS headers at a fixed speed.

Not sure if this is a change for all X13 mainboards or not.

I was able to alter the critical thresholds using IPMI Util (I am on Windows, no Linux system handy on the network). This was how I set a new lower threshold:

ipmiutil sensor -N <IPMI IP> -U <IPMI username> -P <password> -n 41 -l 280 -h 2240

Where sensor #41 is the fan of interest.

The command for listing the sensors (posted elsewhere) is:

ipmiutil sensor -t -N <IPMI IP> -U <IPMI username> -P <password> -c

This netted actual low thresholds of "lo-crit" = 140 RPM and "lo-unrec" of 0 RPM. This BMC rev seems to not use the "lo-noncrit" setting or "hi-noncrit" setting and the above command does not change. They only display when no fan is connected to the header.

After moving a fan I had to reset the BMC to get it to recognize the header was now ABSENT and not just at 0 RPM.
What's the process to get ipmiutil working in Windows? I keep trying to install it with the batch file (buildwin.cmd) and running into this error. What else do I need to install, maybe I'm missing something simple.

Check that VCINSTALLDIR and LIBPATH are correct

I try to install vcvars32.bat or vcvars64.bat and get "Cannot locate vcvars for amd64, please run it manually."