Supermicro Guide - Potential new purchase

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Jan 3, 2018
Good day everyone!
I am looking to possibly purchase a new server to replace my Dell R710 running FreeNAS.

Right now all my bays are full and there isn't much more I can do to expand the storage or add SSDs or NVME for caching etc.

I am looking at potentially purchasing a SuperMicro server, but man, the options they are aplenty.

Is there a guide to the SM servers so that I can weed out what won't fit my needs etc?

My use case is running FreeNAS running misc iocage jails, especially Plex with the media being located on this server as well. I will likely use this to service my ESXi Clusters for NFS or iSCSI. I will also be running this as a standard NAS as a File Server presenting SMB and NFS shares.

I am just super confused about where to get started with supermicro. And guidance or links to guides would be appreciated.

As a side note, I'd be curious to hear based on my use case if there are any other options such as DYI, etc. Thank you in advance!


Aug 15, 2019
Not to steal this thread or anything but if someone can explain the naming convention to me it would help a lot. I know the first characters are specifying the generation (e.g. x10, x11 etc) but what does the rest mean?

Thanks a lot.


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Aug 16, 2018
Kinda off topic here but...Plex on FreeNAS drove me nuts because of the lag in getting updates, broken versions etc.

Plex on docker or a lite VM should really be the way to go.