[SOLVED] AXP-200 and narrow ILM

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Jun 20, 2019
Europe, Warsaw

Neither the thermalright AXP-200 muscle low profile HSF nor AXP-200R is compatible with the Thermalright narrow ILM BTK.

This is what the manufacturer wrote to me when I asked by e-mail a few days ago.

Disclaimer: I'm not their sales rep or employee ;)

I learned about the incompatibility and was looking to share the knowledge. I decided to sign up to these forums to post this (at least for now :) )

I'm trying to place my future server on a short-height shelf and the motherboard of my preference (x10srm-*) is equipped with a narrow ilm lga2011v3 socket. Further I don't want the rig to be too loud :) Edit: and I couldn't find the info on the internet