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    EU [FS] MY HOMELAB SALES >> ADDED Kioxia PM6-M 800GB Enterprise 24G SAS KPM61MUG800G

    The below items from my tiny home lab are for sale now: ADDED FOR SALE 3x Kioxia PM6-M U.2 800GB Enterprise 24G(!!) SAS SSD KPM61MUG800G f. OLTP, Hyperscale Condition New Link: PM6-M Series SAS SSD 2.5-inch (U.2) | KIOXIA - Europe (English) Price: 300,- per piece (incl shipping within EU)...
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    [SOLVED] AXP-200 and narrow ILM

    Hi, FWIW: Neither the thermalright AXP-200 muscle low profile HSF nor AXP-200R is compatible with the Thermalright narrow ILM BTK. This is what the manufacturer wrote to me when I asked by e-mail a few days ago. Disclaimer: I'm not their sales rep or employee ;) I learned about the...
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    WTB: Cheap (low TDP pref) E5-26xx v3-v4 CPU for R7910.

    Looking for dirt cheap CPU to power up my system. L-version would be nice as I'm planning to do GPU unit from it. I've been told that the late model A1/M0/R0 ES would work too, but the bios isn't the latest (2.2.0) so I'm bit skeptical about that. If someone knows better, please share the...
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    EU ASUS Z10PE D16 2x LGA 2011-3 389.99 eur

    Hey, Just bought two from this guy. He has one left (same product, different listing what I bought. This item was opened for photoshoot). ASUS Z10PE-D16 2x LGA 2011-3 Gift Box from Germany New (other) (90SB03M0-M0UAY0) | eBay