Reviving decomissioned Dell PowerEdge R410


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Jul 16, 2017
First off, new user, first post, let me know if this is the wrong place to post this.

Can't get any OS to see drives, though BIOS and PERC see them. Can't figure out how to install drivers.

So I got my hands on a used R410 for free through my work. I wanted to learn about servers and build a home server to play with, but I've done everything I know, and now I need some help.

-OS installers don't see the drives. (Ubuntu [live, desktop, and server], Windows 10 [why not?], Windows server 2008).
-Bios and PERC see the drives, when PERC installed.
-Raid vs non raid configs have no affect.

Attempted solutions (on all OS's):
-Downloaded drivers for these drives, put on second USB and and attempted to find within installers. None visible/found.
-Setup drives up in multiple raids and non raid configs, no change.
-Different bios modes, ATA is the only one that will see the drives.
-Tried removing PERC S300, Bios doesn't see drives.

I'm not sure what to do at this point. No OS will see the drives, though they are visible and configurable by the PERC. With my limited knowledge, it seems I would need to have an OS installed already on some drive, then run the executable drivers and OS installer on permanent drives.
I fix laptops and desktops as a job, but know nothing of servers.

Any and all help would be appreciated.

Server Specs:
-PowerEdge R410
-Dual Xeon X5667 3.06Ghz
-Intel Gigabit ET NIC
-SAS, PERC 6/iR Cable
-4x Dell Cheetah 15k SAS drives
Jan 30, 2016
My R410s (8) had H200 and before an OS will see them you need to create a virtual drive via the H card bios.

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