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  1. A

    Software Defined Home IT

    For 2023 x-mas I decited to renew my aging home IT equiment and besides adding some performance my main goals are reducing power consumption and go a more software defined way. In detail that means: Discard Mikrotik CCR Discard Mikrotik CRS Replace Xeon D-1541/8HDD server So the new server...
  2. Y

    Code Compilation, Web Server, Game Hosting... Epyc, Threadripper, or Consumer CPU?

    I've got a general-purpose home server with an FX-8350 that's running multiple VMs, each responsible for miscellaneous things: Webservers, game servers, Discord bots, SVN repos, etc. Me and a friend have been developing a game in Unreal Engine 4 over the past few years. I tried creating a...
  3. J

    Moving from Xpenology. Looking for advice

    Hi all, I just found this web community and it looks great. A lot of useful information. However, I did not find any specific information about my issue. I hope you can give a hand, so here is my post. I have been using Xpenology for a while, but as the project is practically abandoned, DSM6...
  4. A

    Starter HomeServer Recommendation

    I want to created a Home Server/Home Lab most likely running some hypervisor to easily spin up VMs. What system would be recommended in the $300-$500 range that would be best. I'm looking to buy new and ideally prebuilt, but could build a PC if it made sense.
  5. E

    Nas/Home Server build from scratch. Need advice

    Hello Im quite new to the sth forum (and Forums in general), So what i am looking for is a NAS with 3 to 4 TB of usable space for 4 Persons. I have a gigabit home network so speed isnt that nessecary, but id like to have the option to go multi gigabit in the future (once multi gig switches...
  6. T

    A workstation / home server build: IPMI versus vPro

    I'm looking into building a decent home workstation that double-functions as home server, running 24/7, accessible and managable through vpn. I'm planning to run virtual machines on it, although undecided yet what type, likely a proxmox hypervisor (type 1). Since I'm regularly abroad and since...
  7. D

    42U Server rack recomendations

    I am newer to the enterprise space and currently have 3 4U computers (NAS, and 2 Game servers running) and plan to get a lot of enterprise networking as well as battery backups for my new house. I also plan on buying a machine learning server though I imagine when I buy it will probably be a...
  8. C

    Need Help Moving HP Integrity rx2620 server into ATX case

    Hello, I am new to this forum. I need help in how to move a HP Integrity RX 2620 2U server into an ATX case. Is it possible to use a normal ATX PSU? Will I need the hot pluggable fans? CPU: 1 x Intel Itanium 9040 1.6 GHz dual core
  9. M

    Need Advice on home server setup

    Hey, new to the forum, I currently run the following: 2014 Mac mini Lacie 5big Thunderbolt 1 - 8TB (4TB useable, 4TB for backup) Gigabit Router I use this setup to run Plex Server Wireless computer backups Wireless phone backups Wireless iTunes sync Wired Security camera recordings So most...
  10. E

    Server for gaming

    The question: What specs should I be looking for if I wanted to build/buy a server that is able to run 4 dedicated game servers simultaneously on 1 server? I'm currently looking for a server that can simultaneously run: Ark Survival Evolved Space Engineers Satisfactory Minecraft The server is...
  11. M

    Guidance on building home server

    We're looking to build a home server to be used for, steam web cache, file server (local and internet) and ripping and hosting Blu-ray's. The hardware we're thinking about at the moment is: CPU: athlon 3000g Ram: 2*4gb ddr4 Storage: 10*600gb 15k sas + 120gb ssd Motherboard: Asus b450m micro ATX...
  12. R

    Home server/workstation with virtualization

    Hi and sorry in advance for my bad english. I have a lot of questions because I have no experience in virtual systems ( I only used VirtualBox several times on Windows) and unix just for fun/rooting smartphones, etc. I am in the middle of setup of my home server because I no longer have time to...
  13. Kei-0070

    Home storage server

    This project started out as a budget project to reuse old equipment that I had stashed around the house. This was the spec I started with: Gigabyte MA-790FXT-UD5P AMD Phenom II X4 955 Corsair Dominator 4GB 1600 128GB Samsung OEM SSD Nvidia Quadro FX3500 LSI MegaRaid SAS 8888ELP Belkin USB 3.0...
  14. G

    Dell R710 Worth it?

    Hi all, Found this deal on eBay, was hoping someone can give some advice on it, mainly, is hardware like this still worth it etc. Dell Poweredge R710 2x Intel Xeon X5690 6C 12T 3.47GHz 16GB DDR3 RAM 6x 3.5" SATA/SAS bays Included with 5x300GB 10k SAS drives 2x870W Gold rated PSU Perc6/I RAID...
  15. S

    Core i7 coffee lake home server - or better skylake xeon?

    Hi folks, I want to build a small server and need some opinions. Purpose of the build: Small All-In-One Home Server (OpenHab, Couple of small VMs, a bit of storage, maybe firewall / VPN appliance) So overall, not tooooo heavy stuff. Most important: - decent energy on idle - long life @ 24/7...
  16. S

    FreeNas Home tight budget system

    Hi STH community! I'm struggling deciding what to do about an home server with different purposes. The real purpose of the system is to serve as a backup server in sync with my other systems (I was thinking of using Nextcloud). A large hdd would be used as a media/download bucket for torrent...
  17. A

    Multipurpose HomeServer

    Hi everyone Been following STH a long time, the time has come for registration and first post! Build’s Name: S.M.A.S.H. (Small Multipurpose AMD Server Hardware) :) Operating System/ Storage Platform: CentOS, FreeNAS as a VM CPU: AMD Ryzen 1400 Motherboard: Asus Prime B350M-A Chassis: Fractal...
  18. A

    Home Virtual Server Advice Request

    Hello STH Forums, I'm in the market for a home (virtualization) server and in need of advice. If this isn't the right sub forum, please let me know and I'll repost. Using the guidelines I've filled out what I think will meet my needs. My main concern is I'm overbuying or perhaps missing some...
  19. C

    Reviving decomissioned Dell PowerEdge R410

    First off, new user, first post, let me know if this is the wrong place to post this. TL;DR: Can't get any OS to see drives, though BIOS and PERC see them. Can't figure out how to install drivers. So I got my hands on a used R410 for free through my work. I wanted to learn about servers and...
  20. M

    Home server architecture thoughts?

    In this thread, I posted pics of my recently-rebuilt home server. Now that the hardware part is done (maybe?), I'm thinking it's time to revisit the OS/software side. So I'm soliciting feedback. I don't think anything is really broken, but mostly non-optimal due to having grown up...